We know that many factors can influence the function even the safety of power transformers and one of the important factor is the altitude. In some countries like Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Ethiopia and many others, the altitude of some cities can be above 2,000 meters even 3,000 meters. In this case, the design of power transformers is very important to ensure their normal function and safety.


For Daelim transformers, you do not need to worry about this problem, because Daelim can produce power transformers for those areas above 3,000 meters to 3,500 meter as the highest altitude. To ensure that our transformers can work normally at such a high altitude, we adopt better bushings as accessories, adjust the creepage distance of bushings and make the BIL of high voltage and low voltage adapting to the special environment.


But for areas at high altitude, just using the specially designed transformer is not enough. The function and safety of other electrical products should also be considered. So if you want to know more about how to choose electrical products for high altitude areas, you can click this link to get the answer you want: http://nepsi.com/resources/calculators/altitude-correction.htm