110kV 115kv Power Transformer

  • Primary Voltage Ratings: 110kv,115kv,121kv or others
  • Secondary Voltage Ratings: 11/10.5/6.6/6.3kV or others
  • H.V. TAP RANGE: ±8×1.25% or others
  • CONNECTION TYPE: YNd11 or others
  • TYPE: oil immersed transformer or substation transformer

110 kV 115 kV power transformers according to standard 1. GB 6451 Specification and technical requirements for oil-immersed power transformers;2. IEC 60076 Power Transformers;3. AS NZS 60076 Power Transformers;4.CSAC88-16 Power Transformers;5. ANSI/IEEE C57.12.00 IEEE Standard for General Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers;6. GOST R 52719 Power Transformers - General Specifications; 7. EN60076 Poer Transformer;8. Local After-Sales Services In North America South America and other regions respond to your needs within 24 hours.

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115 kV Transformer Specifications
Phase 3 phase Std.  ANSI C57
Cooling means ONAN/ONAF1/ONAF2 Fluid Mineral Oil
Power ONAN 12MVA Frequency 60Hz
Power ONAF1 16MVA HV bushing  Porcelain top-mounted
Power ONAF2 20MVA LV bushing Porcelain top-mounted
Type Oil Immersed with oil conservator Environmental condition Outdoor
HV Voltage 115 kV Paint Color Grey 70
LV Voltage 13.8 kV Winding Material  Copper
BIL 550/110kV Vector group Dyn1

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115 kV Transformer Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions Weight
Height 5037 mm Tank & accessories 17200 kg
Depth 3800 mm Total oil weight 8140 kg
Width 6059 mm Total weight 35000 kg

Daelim Transformer

115 kV Transformer

115 kV Transformer

The SF11-20000/115 is a 115 kV 20 MVA power transformer, offered by Daelim Transformer to meet the specific needs of a power company in Mexico. This transformer adheres to the stringent production standards of ANSI C57 Std. It features a high voltage capacity of 115 kV and a low voltage rating of 13.8 kV.

Daelim Transformer brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in high-voltage transformer projects within the American market. Their technical and sales teams demonstrate a deep understanding of local regulations and compliance with ANSI, IEEE, and CSA standards. Daelim Transformer's HV transformers have found successful applications in various installations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Ecuador, and other nations.

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115 kV 20 MVA Transformer Features

  • Voltage: This transformer operates at 115 kV and has a substantial capacity of 20 MVA.
  • Oil Conservator: Equipped with an oil conservator for enhanced performance and longevity.
  • Vector Group Symbol: The transformer follows a Dyn1 vector group symbol.
  • Cooling Methods: Utilizes a flexible cooling system, including ONAN, ONAF1, and ONAF2 methods. The power ratings differ under these methods: 12 MVA for ONAN, 16 MVA for ONAF1, and a robust 20 MVA for ONAF2.
  • Insulation Levels: The high-voltage insulation level is set at 550 kV, while the low-voltage insulation level is 110 kV.
  • Temperature Ratings: This transformer is designed to handle a maximum winding temperature rise of 65℃ and a maximum oil temperature rise of 55℃.
  • Tap Changer: The HV side boasts a versatile 5-position tap changer, allowing for five levels of voltage regulation within the range of ±2×2.5%.
  • Bushings: The high and low-voltage bushings are conveniently top-mounted.
  • Surge Arrestors: For enhanced safety and protection, the high voltage side is equipped with three surge arrestors.
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115 kV 20 MVA Transformer Features

Testing and Qualification

The 115 kV 20 MVA transformer undergoes a comprehensive series of tests to ensure it meets the rigorous standards set by ANSI C57. These tests include:

  • Measurement of Insulation
  • Measurement of Voltage Ratio and Vector Group
  • Measurement of Winding Parameters
  • Separate-Source Power-Frequency Voltage Withstand Test
  • Measurement of Bushing Capacitance and Dielectric Dissipation Factor
  • Lighting Impulse Voltage Withstand Test
  • Induced Over Voltage Withstand and Partial Discharge Test
  • Measurement of Impedance Voltage and Load Losses
  • Zero-Sequence Impedance Test   Measurement of Noise Level
  • Pressure Seal Test           Temperature Rise Test
  • Measurement of Winding Frequency Spectrum Response Curve
  • Current Transformer Test      Polarity Test       Dimension Test

This battery of tests ensures that the 115 kV transformer complies with ANSI C57 standards and is fully qualified, guaranteeing its reliability and performance.

115 kV 110 kV Transformer Production

Stacked Ircon Core

Stacked Ircon Core

110kV 115kV Transformer Winding

110kV 115kV Transformer Winding

110kV 115kV Transformer Aasembly

110kV 115kV Transformer Aasembly

110 kV 115 kV Transformer

115kV/110kV power transformers are designed and optimized by absorbing and utilizing advanced technologies domestically and abroad to optimize the transformer core, coil, body, leads, fuel tank, and other components, which feature low partial discharge, low loss, low noise, lightweight, and high reliability. Its excellent performance has won high praise from users and relevant experts. This product has the characteristics of stability, economy, and environmental protection, and is suitable for power plants, substations, large industrial and mineralization enterprises, etc.

110kv power transformer115kv power transformer

110kV and 115kV Power Transformer Certificates

Daelim has more than 20 years of experience in overseas transformer projects. The markets are North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, etc. Power Transformer has UL/CUL, CSA, CE, IEEE, SGS, CESI, etc., a series of certification and test reports.

110kv transformer csa

110kV and 115kV Power Transformer Specifications

110kv Three-phase  duplex winding power transformer on load changer
Voltage Combined No Load Loss Load Loss No Load current Short-circuit impendance
6300 kVA

110kV ±8


115kV ±8

10 36 0.8 10.5
8000 kVA 12 45 0.8
10000 kVA 14.2 53 0.74
12500 kVA 16.8 63 0.74
16000 kVA 20.2 77 0.69
20000 kVA 24 93 0.69
25000 kVA 28.4 110 0.64
31500 kVA 33.8 133 0.64
40000 kVA 40.4 156 0.58
50000 kVA 47.8 194 0.58
63000 kVA 56.8 234 0.52


110kv Three phase three winding power transformer on load changer
Voltage Combined No Load Loss Load Loss No Load current
HV(kV) MV(kV) LV(kV)
6300 kVA





12 47 0.95
8000 kVA 14.4 56 0.95
10 MVA 17.1 66 0.89
12.5 MVA 20.2 78 0.89
16MVA 24.2 95 0.84
20MVA 28.6 112 0.84
25MVA 33.8 133 0.78
31.5MVA 40.2 157 0.78
40MVA 48.2 189 0.73
50MVA 56.9 225 0.73
63MVA 67.7 270 0.67


110 kV 115 kV Transformer Accessory

110kv power transformer accessories
Daelim transformers have a complete supply chain at home and abroad. If you have the brand and technical requirements for the 110kV and 115 kV transformers accessories, we will be satisfied and assured of the fastest speed and optimal competitive price.


110 kV 115 kV Transformer Testing

After the transformer is produced, Daelim will conduct factory tests on the transformer, such as resistance, variable ratio, impulse strength, audible sound, etc. If you have special test requirements such as Short Circut, Temperature Rise, etc. can also be met.


110 kV 115 kV Transformer Packaging

For the shipping of 110kV or 115kV transformers, Daelim uses one 20-frame container and one 40 HQ container. The radiator, oil conservator, and other accessories are packed in wooden cases. The transformer body is well fixed with steel wire rope and sleeper, and equipped with an impact recorder.

110kv 115kv transformer packaing


Daelim 115 kV Transformer For Mexico

115 kv transformer

Daelim 115 kV Transformer For Tajikistan

115kv power transformer for tajikistan