Substation transformer

  • Primary Voltage Ratings: 2.4kV/4.16kV/4.8kV/6.9kV/7.2kV/12kV/12.47kV/13.2kV/13.8kV/23kV/34.5kV/44kV
  • Secondary Voltage Ratings: 208Y/240/480/600/2400/4160Y/4800/12000/12470/13200/13800
  • CONNECTION TYPE: Dyn1, Dyn11, YNd1, Dd0
  • TYPE: Oil immersed
  • BIL: 30-250kV
  • Standards: IEEE/ANSI, CSA, DOE, IEC, AS/NZS
  • Application: Industry, Sustation, BESS, Bitcoin mining, EV charging
  • Power Rating: 300-20000kVA

Daelim's substation transformers are oil-filled and hermetically sealed with ul/cul,csa. High voltages up to 44kV, Ratings up to 15MVA. These types of transformers are components of partable substations and are connected to high and low-voltage switchgear. They are widely used in areas where power distribution is required, such as residential, commercial, and industrial developments.

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How To Purchase 3000kVA Transformer In USA & Canada


Daelim substation transformer certificates

Daelim is a professional transformer supplier. Has 20 years of experience in international standard transformer design and export. Has passed the third-party professional level of UL/cUL, CSA, and IEEE certification.

10.5MVA-13.8/2.4kV Substation Transformer 


Daelim Transformer Advantages

Local services

There are transformer after-sales service, installation, and maintenance teams in Canada, the United States, Australia, Ecuador, Chile, and other places. Provide 24-hour technical and consulting services. There is a local after-sales service team with rich experience in power engineering to help you solve all problems related to transformers.


Transformer project solutions

Daelim transformers are not just transformer manufacturers and suppliers. It has a professional power technical engineer team to help you solve technical problems and provide the best solution for your power project. The Daelim team has provided many transformer solutions to customers in North America, Europe, South America, and Australia, such as Bitcoin mining areas, factories, residential areas, wind power generation, solar photovoltaic power generation, battery energy storage systems (BESS), etc.


Transformer Customized service

The engineering team of Daelim Transformers has more than 20 years of experience in international standard design and is proficient in various international standards worldwide. Whether a power project in the United States, a bitcoin mining project in Canada, or a skid-mounted substation project in Australia, Daelim engineers can design transformers according to the project and technical requirements.


High-quality and fast delivery

Daelim has strict technical and quality control system to ensure the safety and reliability of each transformer. There is also a third-party inspection agency UL to supervises the entire quality system of the factory every three months. Therefore, you can buy Daelim transformers with confidence.

In addition to guaranteed quality, another advantage of Daelim transformers is fast delivery. The production time of conventional distribution transformers is 6-8 weeks.

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Substation Transformer Specificationssubstation transformer specifications

          Rating             Height(inch)       Wide(inch)     Deth(inch)   Total Weight(lb)
750 kVA 90 50 60 6400
1000 kVA 90 60 70 7300
1500 kVA 95 60 75 9500
2000 kVA 95 65 75 11400
2500 kVA 95 65 80 13100
3000 kVA 100 70 90 15800
3750 kVA 105 70 90 18200
5000 kVA 105 75 95 22000
7500 kVA 120 80 110 29000
10000 kVA 130 80 135 32800
12000 kVA 130 85 135 38200
15000kVA 130 130 135 70000

If you need other capacities of the substation transformer, please contact the Daelim team for accurate technical solutions and quotations.

More details about the Daelim Substation Transformer


Substation Transformer Standard Features

Standard Features

*Carbon steel, optional stainless steel tank

*Capacity: 225kva —20MVA

*Primary Voltage: 13800V,23000V,34500V,44kV or others

*Secondary Voltage: 208V ,12,470V,132,00V,13,800Vor others

*Bushings: Top-mounted / Side-mounted

*Insulation Fluids: mineral insulating oil, Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid,

*Standards: ANSI/IEEE, DOE, CSA, AS/NS, IEC, etc

* Insulating mineral oil

* 60/50 Hertz operation

* Externally operated de-energized tap changer with

2* 2.5% full capacity taps above and below nominal


* 65°C average winding rise

* HV and LV bushings

* HV and LV flange connections

* Pressure-vacuum gauge

* Liquid level gauge

* Liquid temperature gauge

*Pressure test valve

* Drain/filter valve with the sampling device

* Tank lifting lugs

* Corrosion-resistant nameplate

* Hydran provision (above 7.5 MVA)


You may enjoy pad transformer:3 Phase Pad Mounted Transformer


Substation Transformer Optional Accessories

The accessories that come with the Daelim substation transformer have electric shocks to allow remote operation and control of the transformer. We have international famous brands for accessories, such as ABB, Qualitrol, Quality, MR, etc. If you have brand requirements for transformer accessories, please let the Daelim team know.

substation transformer accessories

Optional Accessories

• High-fire point fluid, such as silicone, hydrocarbon, or vegetable fluids. (up to 10 MVA)

• 55°C 55/65° C average winding rise

• Forced air cooling

• Forced air cooling with 2 stages (from 7.5 MVA and up to 15 MVA)

• Removable radiators

• Pressure relief device

• Winding temperature device

• Sudden pressure relay with or without seal in

• Devices with alarm contacts

• Top filter press valve
• HV & LV air terminal compartments
• HV lightning arresters • Current transformers
• Neutral grounding resistor

• Special impedances

• Low losses

• Special environment (i.e: classified areas)

• Special/low sound level

• Retrofit to specific dimensions

• Non-standard loading conditions such as harmonic loading or specified K-factor

• Stainless steel removable radiators

• Galvanized steel removable radiators

• Special paint for marine ambient

• Special paint thickness

• Special colors

• CSA compliance

• Other special features upon request

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Design Performance Tests

The design performance tests include the following:substation transformer test

*Temperature Rise: Our automated heat run facility ensures that any design changes meet ANSl® and IEEE® temperature rise criteria.

* Audible Sound Level: Ensures compliance with NEMAO requirements.

* Lightning Impulse: To assure superior dielectric performance, this test consists of one reduced wave, two chopped waves, and one full ave in sequence, precisely simulating the harshest conditions.

* Other performance tests such as short-circuit capability tests, listing, and moving devices tests can be executed while specified by the customer.

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Transformer Test

Each transformer must be tested before leaving the factory. The routine tests include

•Ratio, Polarity, and Phase Relation


•Applied Potential

•Induced Potential

•Loss Test

•Leak Test

•Operation tests of all devices: All electrical and electro-mechanical devices shall be operated both in auto and manual mode for proper sequencing/staging and function.

If you need special tests like short circuits, Daelim Transformer can do that too.


Daelim small substation transformer test report

Daelim will send a transformer report to the customer before the transformer is packaged and shipped. All physical and electrical properties of the transformer can meet or exceed the standard before delivery.


The following table is a test report of a 3000kVA small substation transformer produced by Daelim for customers in the Canadian market.
Ratings & Transformer Main Information
1. Phase
2. Capacity 3000KVA
3. Core Type Wound
4. Cooling Method ONAN
5. Rated Frequency 60Hz
6. Applied Standard CSA    C88-16
7. Vector Group Dyn 1
8.1 Rated Primary Voltage 4160V
8.2 Rated Secondary Voltage 400V
9.1 Rated Primary Current 416.4 A
9.2 Rated Secondary Current 4330.1A
10.1 Insulation Primary Level LI/AC:60/19 kV
10.2 Insulation Secondary Level LI/AC:30/10 kV
11. Date Of Manufacturer April 16, 2022
12. Oil Volume 1500L
13. Total Weight 6500 kg
Rated Capacity 3000 Product Type SL-3000/4.16 60HZ Factory Serial
3Voltage Combination HV(kV) 4.16 Current HV(A) 416.4 Angular
Dyn 1
LV(kV) 0.4 LV(A) 4330.1
2、 Measurement of voltage ratio: Tolerance(+/-0.5%)
Tapping Position HV and LVThe Voltage Value of the Test
The Grade and Accuracy: QJ3 5A
Grade 0.2
HV  (V) LV(V) HV/LV(%)
AB/ab BC/bc AC/ca
A 4368 400 -0.18 -0.18 -0.18
B 4264 0.23 0.23 0.23
C 4160 -0.02 -0.02 -0.02
D 4056 0.39 0.39 0.39
E 3952 0.12 0.12 0.12
3、 Measurement of winding resistance  Routine)
Tapping Position Winding Resistance
HV   (Ω) LV(Ω)
AB BC CA ab(Ω) 0.0002803
A 0.03066 0.03061 0.03085
B 0.02999 0.02998 0.03017
bc (Ω) 0.0002888
C 0.02904 0.02906 0.02920
D 0.02835 0.02934 0.02850
aC(Ω) 0.0002911
E 0.02713 0.02714 0.02720
The Meter NO. and Grade of Accuracy HCR3102A
Grade 0.2
Temperature 15℃ Humidity 63%
4、No-load loss and no-load current test.
Test Items No-Load Loss at 100% rated voltage W No-Load Current %
Measured Value 2941 0.16
5、Load loss and Short circuit test.
Test Items Load Loss at 85°C and rated voltage W Total Loss W Short Circuit Impedance at 85°C
Measured Value 27735 30676 5.32
6、 Applied voltage test
Power Frequency
withstand Voltage Test
Test Time 60 S
The Test Voltage(kV) HV19 /LV10
The Test Result No flashover
7、Induced Over Voltage Withstand Test
Induced Over Voltage
Withstand Test(kV)
0.8 (RMS) for L.V. bushing
8、 Insulation Resistance test
location Insulation Resistance( M  Ω)    at 10℃ R60
HV-E >2500
LV-E >2500
9、 Other Information.
The Active Part’s Weight
of Lifting
The Weight of Insulation Oil Total Weight The Temperature Rise of the
Oil Pressure
3060Kg 1500L 6500Kg <65K 45KV
10、Leakage test  Routine)
Test method Applied pressure(kPa) Duration(h) Residual pressure(kPa) Result
The static pressure
50 12 48 No leakage and no


Daelim Substation Transformer Packaging

Daelim transformers are usually packed in two ways, one is wooden box packing, and the other is wooden pallet packing. It is mainly based on whether the shipping is FCL or LCL.

The whole container transportation adopts the packaging method of wooden pallets, which can save costs while ensuring safety during transportation.

The transformers are packed in wooden boxes when they are transported in LCL because the wooden boxes are sufficiently strong and stable. The safety of the transformer can be guaranteed on the bumpy road.

substation transformer package

Daelim Factory

Daelim will send a transformer report to the customer before the transformer is packaged and shipped. All physical and electrical properties of the transformer can meet or exceed the standard before delivery.


The Daelim factory is located in the hometown of transformers, Haian, Jiangsu, where there is a complete supply chain of transformers and skilled transformer workers. It is only 200km away from Shanghai port.

Therefore, Daelim has the ability to deliver fast. You can check the progress of your transformer order and production link on the daelim website at any time.

Daelim also supplies three-phase pad-mounted transformers, single-phase pad-mounted transformers, Hv power transformers, pole mounted single phase transformers, and dry-type transformers.

substation transformer factory