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Daelim Transformer is UL Listed transformer manufacturer, that understands its crucial role in powering data centers and cryptocurrency mining. They have been offered transformers to numerous Bitcoin companies in North America, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply. With high electricity demands in these industries, Daelim Transformer's solutions support efficient operations. Their expertise in delivering transformers highlights their commitment to serving the specific power requirements of data centers and cryptocurrency mining, including several global companies.

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Daelim Transformer Project For Bitcoin Mining and Data Center

Daelim Transformer has successfully completed numerous data center & bitcoin projects across North America and South America in the last five years. Below are some cases of Daelim Transformer's projects.

90 Units Small substation Transformer For Data Center

90 Units Small substation Transformer For Data Center

This project is located in Calgary, Canada. The client plans to build a huge data center. By prioritizing professional business and technical communication in the early stages, Daelim Transformer was able to earn the customer's recognition and trust. As a result, the customer decided to purchase 90 units of three-phase power transformers from Daelim Transformer to ensure a safe, stable, and reliable power supply for their data center.

To address environmental concerns and ensure fire prevention within the data center, the transformers are designed to use FR3 vegetable oil with a low flash point as the insulating oil. This choice not only aligns with environmental sustainability goals but also provides added safety measures for the equipment housed in the data center.

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All 90 units of transformers share the same specifications: high voltage of 34,500V and low voltage of 480GrdY/277V. The capacity of each transformer is 2,500 (or 3,000) kVA. The cooling method employed is KNAN/KNAF, enabling the transformers' fans to be activated when the data center requires higher load capacity. This feature allows each transformer to reach a power rating of 3,000 kVA as needed.

The 3 phase power transformers are designed with oil and the winding temperature rises set at 65℃. They also incorporate high voltage and five-speed voltage regulation capabilities, ranging from 32,775V to 36,225V, to accommodate the diverse electrical equipment requirements within the data center.

With these transformers from Daelim Transformer, the customer's huge data center project in Calgary can benefit from a reliable power supply, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of their data center infrastructure.

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90 Units Small substation Transformer For Data Center
20 Units Pad Mounted Transformer For Bitcoin Mining

20 Units Pad Mounted Transformer For Bitcoin Mining

Daelim Transformer successfully completed a significant project in Texas, USA, involving the supply of 20 units of pad-mounted transformers for a Bitcoin mining site. These transformers were essential for powering the facilities and supporting the mining operations. The high voltage configuration was set at 13.8kV delta, while the low voltage configuration was designed as a 480Y/277V loop feed pad-mounted transformer.

To meet safety and regulatory requirements, the transformers were equipped with standard accessories such as Bayonet fuse+ELSP fuse, which are UL listed. Additionally, these transformers were designed to comply with the Department of Energy (DOE) efficiency standards, ensuring optimal energy usage and reducing operational costs.

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4 Units Small Sbustaion Transformer For Bitcoin Mining

Daelim Transformers provided four Small Substation Transformers for a Bitcoin mining operation in Venezuela in March 2021, showcasing their international reach and expertise in supporting cryptocurrency mining projects. The transformers were specifically designed to power the Bitcoin mining machines and adopted a high and low-voltage side outlet throat design.

The primary voltage of the transformers was set at 13,800V, while the secondary voltage was 380V. The cooling method employed was ONAN/ONAF, with a set of fans installed. The kVA rating value for the ONAN cooling mode was 4,500kVA, but with the fans activated, it could reach up to 5,200kVA. These transformers were constructed using copper winding material, known for their excellent electrical conductivity and durability. The oil temperature rise for the transformers was specified at 55℃, while the winding temperature rise was set at 65℃. The transformers were configured with a vectorial Dyn11 diagram. It's fantastic to know that the transformers have been operating well, meeting the power demands of the Bitcoin mining operation.

4 Units Small Sbustaion Transformer For Bitcoin Mining
4 Units Small Sbustaion Transformer For Bitcoin Mining

The fact that the customer is expanding their Bitcoin mining operation in 2022 and has chosen to once again partner with Daelim Transformer is a testament to the satisfaction and trust in Daelim Transformer's products and services.

By promptly contacting Daelim Transformer and repurchasing four transformers of the same specifications, the customer is ensuring a seamless and efficient power supply for their expanded Bitcoin mine. This decision highlights the customer's confidence in Daelim Transformer's ability to meet their increasing power demands and support their continued growth in the mining industry.

Daelim Transformer's commitment to delivering reliable and high-quality transformer solutions has evidently resonated with the customer, leading to this successful collaboration. With these new transformers, the customer can confidently power their expanded Bitcoin mining operation and continue to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the cryptocurrency market.

For more transformer projects, please contact Daelim Transformer.

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Transformer Types Suitable For Cryptocurrency Mining

Pad mounted transformer

Three Phase Pad Mounted Transformer

3 phase pad mounted transformers are installed outside buildings and other structures, making them highly accessible. They are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and can be used for both indoor and outdoor mining operations.

Pad-mounted transformers have several safety features including a built-in grounding system, protective barriers, and circuit breakers. These features help to ensure that the equipment remains safe and functional during mining. Additionally, they reduce the risk of fire outbreaks, equipment damage, and other hazards that may arise during the mining process.

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Small substation transformer

Small substation transformers are a good option for cryptocurrency mining as they are designed to meet the high voltage requirements of current-intensive loads. These transformers are available in a range of capacities, making them suitable for a variety of mining scenarios. They are also designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and have a low environmental impact due to their compact size.

Small substation transformers have a high-efficiency rate, which translates to lower energy costs during mining. This is especially crucial for cryptocurrency mining operations in regions with high electricity costs. The transformers are designed to convert high-voltage power to lower voltage levels that can be used by mining equipment without any power loss.

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Small substation transformer

Role of Transformers in Data Center and Cryptocurrency Mining

Voltage Conversion: Transformers facilitate the conversion of electrical voltage levels to match the specific needs of data center equipment and cryptocurrency mining systems. They step up or step down the voltage from the main power supply to the appropriate levels required by the equipment, ensuring compatibility and safe operation.

Power Distribution: Transformers play a vital role in distributing electrical power within data centers and cryptocurrency mining facilities. They enable the efficient delivery of electricity to different areas or sections of the facility, ensuring balanced power distribution and preventing overloads or underutilization.

Power Quality and Stability: Transformers help regulate and stabilize the voltage, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply to the equipment. This is particularly important in data centers and cryptocurrency mining operations, where any fluctuations or disruptions in power quality could result in significant operational issues, equipment damage, or even financial losses.

Isolation and Protection: Transformers provide electrical isolation between the main power supply and the equipment, acting as a protective barrier. This isolation helps safeguard the equipment against electrical disturbances, power surges, or other potential issues that may arise from the power grid or other connected devices.

Power Redundancy and Backup: Ensuring an uninterrupted power supply is crucial for both data centers and cryptocurrency mining operations. Transformers can be configured in redundant setups, allowing for backup power sources and systems. In the event of a power outage or transformer failure, redundant transformers provide alternative power paths to maintain continuous operations and minimize downtime.

Load Balancing and Optimization: Transformers can be utilized to balance the electrical load across multiple transformers within a facility. This load balancing approach optimizes transformer utilization, prevents overloading, and enhances overall power distribution efficiency.

Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is a key concern for both data centers and cryptocurrency mining operations due to their high energy consumption. Deploying transformers with high energy efficiency ratings can help reduce power losses and minimize energy consumption, contributing to cost savings and sustainability efforts.

Daelim's expertise in providing tailored transformer solutions specifically designed for data centers and cryptocurrency mining operations ensures reliable power supply, efficient distribution, and optimal performance. By addressing the unique power requirements and challenges of these industries, Daelim helps support their operations, maximize productivity, and mitigate risks associated with power disruptions.

Transformer Types Suitable for Data Center

Data centers require reliable and efficient power distribution systems, and selecting the appropriate transformer type is crucial. Here are several transformer types commonly used in data centers:

Isolation Transformers:

Isolation transformers provide electrical isolation between the input and output sides, protecting sensitive equipment from electrical disturbances and ensuring data integrity.

Step-Down Transformers

Step-down transformers are utilized to reduce the high voltage from the main power supply to lower levels suitable for data center equipment, improving compatibility and safety.

Dry-Type Transformers

Dry-type transformers use solid insulation materials, making them ideal for indoor data center environments where flammable liquids are restricted. They offer high reliability and low maintenance requirements.

Liquid-Filled Transformers

Liquid-filled transformers, typically filled with oil, are often used in larger data centers due to their higher power capacity and excellent heat dissipation properties. Proper safety measures should be in place when using liquid-filled transformers.

Cast Resin Transformers

Cast resin transformers use epoxy resin for insulation, providing excellent moisture resistance and insulation properties. They are environmentally friendly and suitable for data centers where fire safety is a concern.

Energy-Efficient Transformers

Energy-efficient transformers, meeting efficiency standards like NEMA TP-1 or EU Eco-Design Directive, minimize power losses and promote energy savings, aligning with data centers' sustainability objectives.

K-Factor Transformers

K-factor transformers are designed to handle non-linear loads typically generated by computer equipment and other electronic devices. They mitigate harmonic distortion and ensure reliable performance in data centers with significant non-linear load demands.

When selecting transformer types for a data center, factors such as power requirements, load characteristics, space constraints, safety considerations, and energy efficiency goals should be carefully evaluated. Consulting with experienced electrical engineers and transformer specialists is crucial to determining the most suitable transformer type for specific data center requirements while adhering to plagiarism and duplication guidelines. Daelim Transformer is a good choice.

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