2500 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer

  • Primary Voltage Ratings: 34.5-19.92/13.8-7.957/13.2-7.62/12.47-7.2 or others
  • Secondary Voltage Ratings: 208GrdY/120;416GrdY/240,480GrdY/277,/600GrdY/347,220y/127,480V,415v,600v or others
  • H.V. TAP RANGE: ±2×2.5% or others
  • CONNECTION TYPE: Dyn11/YNyn0 or others
  • TYPE: Loop feed/Radial feed
  • BIL: 30/150 kV
  • Standards: IEEE, CSA, DOE
  • Application: BESS, Crypto mining, Industry, Wind and Solar energy, EV charging
  • Power Rating: 2500 kVA, 2550 kVA, 2.5 MVA
  • Certificate: UL, cUL, CSA, SGS

Daelim Transformer is a professional manufacturer of transformers with UL listings and certifications for voltage levels up to 44kV, offering a comprehensive range of UL-certified pad-mounted transformers. Annually, we export thousands of these transformers to the United States and Canada. Proficient in IEEE/ANSI, CSA, DOE, NEMA, and other standards, our team ensures compliance with diverse regulatory requirements. In addition to UL certification, we also hold CSA, MF, CESI certificates, and third-party SGS test reports. With extensive project experience, we understand that each project has unique requirements. That's why we offer customizable transformers, allowing adjustments to voltage, capacity, connection method, and special design to perfectly suit your needs. The 2500 kVA pad mounted transformer can be customized to fit your project requirements. Contact Daelim Transformer today to receive the parameter sheet, drawings, and quotation for the 2500 kVA pad mounted transformer.

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2500 kVA(2.5 MVA) Transformer Specifications
Phase Three phase Std.  ANSI/IEEE Std C57 & DOE 2016 Std
Power rating 2000kVA (2.5MVA) Config Dead front/loop feed
Mounting Pad Mount Frequency 60Hz
HV Voltage 13200/6720V Tap changer 5-position
LV Voltage 600/347V Fluid Capacity 1600L
HV BIL 95 kV Total weight 7000kG
LV BIL 30 kV No load loss 2500W
Vectorgroup YnYn0 On load loss 15000W
Cooling method KNAN Impedance 5.75%
Winding Material Aluminum Paint Color Munsell green
Insulation Fluid Biodegradable vegetable oil Capacity @ 65°C Temperature Rise 2500 kVA
Core form Three phase five-column Forced Air (Fans)  None

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2550 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer For Data Center in Mexico, Missouri

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2500 kVA (2.5 MVA) Transformer Accessories
Name Qty Name Qty
Hinged door 2 Arresters 3
Name plate 1 HV bushing  6
Oil level gauge 1 Door lock 1
Stainless steel ground plate 5 Thermometer 1
L.V bushing(6 hole) 4 ELSP fuse 3
Pressure relief valve 1 Tap changer 3PH 1
Vacuum pressure gauge 1 Bay-O-net fuse 3
Parking stand bracket 8 Bayonet drip tray 1
Drain valve with sampler 1 Flip top cover 1
Rigid partition 1 Padmount LV plate 1
Radiator 3 Four-position loadbreak switch 1
Rain cover 1 Upper fill plug with filter press connection 1

2500 kVA(2.5 MVA) Pad Mounted Transformer


The ZGSL-H-2500/13.2-0.6 is a 2500 kVA three-phase pad-mounted transformer with UL listing. This transformer was meticulously designed and manufactured by Daelim Transformer for a customer in the United States who purchased four units in a single transaction. The 2500 kVA pad mounted transformer adheres to the IEEE C57.12.34 standard and is compliant with DOE regulations. It is constructed with aluminum conductors and is configured as a loop-feed type transformer for dead-front systems. The cooling method employed is KNAN.

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2500 kVA Transformer Features

The ZGSL-H-2500/13.2-0.6 transformer boasts a power rating of 2500 kVA (2.5 MVA). The 2500 kVA pad mounted transformer has a primary voltage rating of 13.2/7.62 kV with a Wye connection, high voltage H0 grounding, and a secondary voltage of 600Y/347V Wye with low voltage H0 grounding.

The ZGSL-H-2500/13.2-0.6 2500 kVA transformer is versatile, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. These transformers are equipped with degradable vegetable oil insulating fluid and maintain a 65°C temperature rise. They come with 3 ELSP fuses and 3 bay-o-net fuses for protection, along with 3 high-voltage bushings, 3 elbow arresters(HV), and four low-voltage bushings, each with 6 holes. The low-voltage terminal installation position is reinforced with a Padmount plate. Additionally, the 2500 kVA pad mounted  transformer features a four-position load-break switch and a five-position tap changer on the high-voltage side.

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2500 kVA Transformer Features


The ZGS-Z-2500(3050)/44/0.6 is a specialized 2500 kVA live-front pad-mounted transformer designed to meet the unique requirements of Canadian customers by Daelim Transformer. This 2500 kVA pad-mounted transformer is compliant with CSA C227.4 and CAN/CSA 802.1 standards. It features a high voltage of 44 kV in Delta configuration and a low voltage of 600GrdY/347V.

The transformer is equipped with degradable RAPO oil as its insulating fluid and is designed for a temperature rise of either 55°C or 75°C. Its kVA rating is 2500 kVA (2.5 MVA) at a 55°C temperature rise and 3050 kVA at a 75°C temperature rise.

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What sets this 2500 kVA transformer apart is that its low voltage is designed to exit from the side. Furthermore, the gauges, tap changer, nameplate, pressure relief valve, and upper fill valve are all positioned on the exterior of the front cabin. These gauges are equipped with contacts and are connected within a NEMA 4 outdoor control box. A vacuum pressure gauge is located on the top of the front cabin. The high-voltage bushing is a porcelain integrated bushing with four holes, and the HV side is equipped with three lightning arresters, each of which provides an insulation cap to protect MV cables. Additionally, anti-condensation heaters are installed in the high-voltage front cabin for optimal performance.

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The ZGSL-H-2500/24.94/0.415 represents a meticulously engineered loop-type pad-mounted transformer, a testament to Daelim Transformer's commitment to meeting the distinct demands of an American Bitcoin mining clientele. This transformer boasts an impressive power rating of 2.5 MVA, delivering the substantial energy essential for uninterrupted mining operations. With its primary voltage standing at 24.94 kV and the secondary voltage set at a reliable 415V, it guarantees a steadfast and dependable power supply to energize the mining equipment with unwavering efficiency.

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24.94 kV 2.5 MVA Transformer

Remarkably, the customer procured six sets of these 2.5 MVA transformers in a single order. This transformer is designed for use in a dead-front system, without a load break switch. On the high-voltage side, it is equipped with six HV bushing wells, three bay-o-net fuses, a five-position tap changer, and arresters for enhanced safety.

On the low-voltage side, the transformer features four LV bushings with ten holes, gauges for monitoring, a fill plug, an upper fill valve, a pressure relief valve, and a drain valve, ensuring efficient and convenient operation.

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24.94 kV 2.5 MVA Transformer

2.5 MVA 3 PH Transformer

The ZGSL-Z-2500/44/4.16(2.4) is a specialized 2.5 MVA three-phase radial pad-mounted transformer. Its primary voltage rating is 44,000 Delta V, while the secondary voltage is 4160Y/2400 V. The transformer is configured with a DYn1 high and low voltage connection group, and it complies with the CSA C227.4 standard. It boasts an impressive energy efficiency of 99.37%, in line with the CAN/CSA-802.3 standard. The transformer's impedance at 85°C is 5.75%, and it offers seven levels of voltage regulation for the high voltage side. With an insulating oil capacity of 2000L and a weight of 7500 kg, it is a substantial piece of equipment.

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2.5 MVA Transformer

This 2.5 MVA transformer stands out as a unique and custom-engineered solution meticulously crafted by Daelim Transformer for a Canadian client. Notably, it boasts a design where both the high and low-voltage components are positioned on the mounting side, with the high-voltage section featuring a well-placed air terminal chamber extending to its base. The inclusion of instrument valves and strategically positioned accessories on the external fuel tank wall enhances accessibility and ensures added convenience, exemplifying the transformer's thoughtfully engineered design.

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2.5 MVA Transformer

2550 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer

The ZGSL-H-2550/34.5/0.415 represents a robust three-phase loop-type pad-mounted transformer, commanding an impressive power rating of 2550 kVA. It excels with a high voltage capacity of 34.5 kV while delivering a low voltage output of 415Grd/240V. Notably, both its high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) windings are meticulously crafted from aluminum. This transformer with an efficiency rating of 99.4% and complies rigorously with the exacting IEEE Std C57.12.34 standard. Furthermore, its inclusion of a four-position load-break switch significantly enhances functionality and safety measures.

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2550 kVA Transformer

The 2550 kVA transformer employs the ONAN/ONAF cooling system, and therefore, it includes a set of fans. When operating in the ONAN cooling method, the transformer has a power rating of 2550 kVA. However, the ONAF cooling method can handle a higher power rating of 3300 kVA. Notably, the transformer is equipped with an oil temperature gauge with alarm contacts and is connected to a small 304 stainless steel control cabinet. This configuration allows for remote monitoring of the transformer's operational status.

The ZGSL-H-2550/34.5/0.415 series comprises a total of four units, specially designed and manufactured for American customers, and is UL-listed to meet stringent safety and quality standards.

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2550 kVA Transformer


The ZGSL-H-2550/12.47/0.415 series consists of a batch of 2550 kVA transformers produced by Daelim Transformer for American customer. These transformers are of the pad-mounted type and feature a loop feed configuration. Key specifications of these transformers include a four-position load-break switch, a five-position tap changer, gauges with a no-touch feature, three bay-o-net fuses, and two current-limiting fuses.

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12.47 kV 2550 kVA Transformer

On the low-voltage side, there is a bracket in the row to provide support for the terminal. The insulation liquid used is ASTM II mineral oil, with a capacity of 440 gallons. The tank is designed to withstand a maximum positive tank pressure of 10 PSI and a negative tank pressure of 8 PSI. The fluid level is maintained at 10.0 inches from the top of the hand hole at 25℃, with level changes of 0.4 inches per 10℃. The tank is designed for 7 PSI vacuum filling and is rated for 2550 kVA when energized at 11,847 volts with the tap changer in the 124,700-volt position for a secondary voltage of 415Y/240. These transformers contain no detectable levels of PCB (less than 2 ppm) at the time of manufacture, ensuring environmental safety and compliance.

12.47 kV 2550 kVA Transformer


The ZGSL-Z-2550/13.2/4.16/2.4 is a series of live-front transformers designed and manufactured by Daelim Transformer. These transformers are of the pad-mounted type and are configured for radial feed. The primary voltage of the live-front transformer is 13.2 kV, while the secondary voltage is 4.16/2.4 kV. Both high and low voltages are facilitated through integrated porcelain bushings, consisting of three HV bushings and six LV bushings.

This transformer is equipped with a 7-position tap changer for flexible voltage adjustments. Additionally, it features three oil-under-arrester components, three bay-o-net fuses, and a two-position load-break switch for added safety and functionality.

13.2 kV 2550 kVA Transformer

The 2550 kVA transformer is a specially designed transformer that holds a UL listing, guaranteeing its compliance with rigorous safety and quality standards. The connection group for this transformer is Dy1·Dd0, offering two distinct connection methods for low voltage:

For a 4160V Wye connection, the terminals include X1B, X2B, X3B for phase connections, X1A, X2A, and X3A for neutral connections. For a 2400V Delta connection, the terminals are as follows: C1B to X2A, X2B to X3A, and X3B to X1A.

Daelim Transformer possesses robust design and production capabilities, making it possible to tailor and customize power transformers to suit your specific requirements.

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13.2 kV 2550 kVA Transformer


The ZGSL-H-2550/24.94/0.415 is a series of transformers specifically designed for Bitcoin mining applications. This series comprises 17 transformers ordered by customer in Florida, USA. These transformers are pad-mounted with a substantial power rating of 2550 kVA. The primary voltage for this batch of transformers is 24.94 kV, and the secondary voltage is 415GrdY/240V, making them suitable for ONAN cooling. Both the high-voltage (HV) and low-voltage (LV) windings are crafted from aluminum, and they belong to the Dyn1 vector group. These transformers are equipped with bayonet fuses and current limiting fuses to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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24.94 kV 2550 kVA Transformer

All 2550 kVA pad-mounted transformers in this series are built to meet the IEEE C57.12.34 standard, guaranteeing top-tier quality and performance. They feature a side-mount throat design for the low-voltage connection, allowing for seamless integration with switchgear. Additionally, the load-break switch for these 2550 kVA transformers is ingeniously designed within the low-pressure chamber of the front cabin, offering four positions for versatility. The tap changer provides five positions, and the pressure adjustment gear is set at 24.94±2×2.5% for precise control. The impedance of these transformers at 85°C is 5.87%, ensuring stable and efficient operation. Moreover, their high-voltage and low-voltage Basic Insulation Levels (BILs) are rated at 125kV and 30kV, respectively, to ensure robust insulation performance.

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24.94 kV 2550 kVA Transformer

2500 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer

2500 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer types

The 2500 kVA pad-mounted transformer has two configurations: loop feed and radial feed. You can choose according to the grid requirements or your own needs.

2500 kva pad mounted transformer types

2500 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Standard Primary

The following table shows the standard primary voltage of 2500kva transformers. If you need other levels of voltage or special requirements, Daelim's technical team can also customize the design.

2550 kva pad mounted transformer

Standard Primary
Voltage Rating Minimum BIL   Voltage Rating Minimum BIL
Delta or Wye Ground Wye
2400 V 45 kV 4160GrdY/2400 65 kV
4160 V 60 kV 12470GrdY/7200 95 kV
4800 V 60 kV 13200GrdY/7620 95 kV
7200 V 75 kV 13800GrdY/7970 95 kV
7620 V 75 kV 22860GrdY/13200 125 kV
12000 V 95 kV 23900GrdY/13800 125 kV
12470 V 95 kV 24940GrdY/14400 125 kV
13200 V 95 kV
13800 V 95 kV 34500GrdY/19920 150 kV
16340 V 95 kV

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2500kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Outline Drawing

The picture below is Daelim 13.8kv 2500 kVA pad mounted transformer outline drawing for crypto mining.

2500 kva pad mounted transformer drawing

The picture below is an outline drawing of the Daelim 24.94kv 2500 kVA pad-mounted transformer.

2550 kva transformer drawing

12 kV 2500kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Tech Datasheet

The following table is the tech datasheet of the 12 kV 2500 kVA loop feed pad-mounted transformer






Daelim Transformer


Country of Origin




IEEE Std. C57.12.00; C57.12.90; C57.12.34






Radial feed









Rated Power



Primary Voltage (HV)



Secondary Voltage (LV)



Rated Frequency



Vector Group




Core type






Core Material

Grain-oriented silicon steel


Tank Material

Mild steel


Tank Color

Munsell green






Insulation Class (HV)






Insulation Class (LV)










2 years



2500kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Weight

For a 2500 kVA pad mounted transformer, many factors affect the weight, such as winding material, number of accessories, voltage level, efficiency value, etc. The following table shows the weight of a 12 kV 2500kVA CSA standard transformer.

12.47kV 2500kVA Padmount Transformer Weight
Oil Weight 1450kg
Total Weight 6000kg


2500 kVA Pad Mounted Transformers Dimensions

The following table shows the dimensions of the Daelim 12 kV pad mount transformer.

12000V 2500kVA Padmount Transformer Dimension
Height 2000mm
Depth 2100mm
Width 1730mm


2500kVA Pad Mounted Transformers Nameplate

The picture below is the Daelim 34.5kV 2500 kVA three-phase pad-mounted transformer with an ul certificate

34.5kV 2500 kva UL tansformer
Customized 2500 kVA Pad Mounted Transformers

In addition, Daelim Transformer can customize special pad mounted transformers. Daelim has extensive experience in designing and producing pad-mounted transformers. For example, not long ago, a Canadian customer requested an unconventional pad-mounted transformer. The customer wanted the high and low-voltage cables to enter from the top of the front cabin. When engineers designed this transformer, they made several modifications to the top:

  1. They added several studs and brackets on the high-voltage side to install the grounding resistance cabinet.
  2. They installed a cable box on the top of the low-voltage side, and the cables entered the front compartment of the transformer at the top.

The image below shows the design.

customized pad mounted transformer
Another example is a customer's pad-mounted transformer used in a photovoltaic power plant. When designing, Daelim considers eliminating the electromagnetic interference of solar inverters, and electrostatic shielding is required between the high and low voltages of the pad-mounted transformer. The low-pressure part is designed to eject outside the front cabin. The terminal box is designed with NEMA 4X, and the oil temperature gauge, oil level gauge, pressure gauge, etc. are all equipped with contacts.

If you need a pad-mounted transformer with an unconventional design, please send your request to pingruidan@daelim-electric.com. Our engineers will confirm your request within 24 hours and provide a solution.


2500 kVA Pad Mounted Transformers Quality and Tech Control

2600 kva pad mounted transformerThe DAELIM factory has strict technical and quality control to ensure each transformer's reliable, safe, and electrical performance. Daelim 2500kVA pad-mounted distribution transformers have a long two-year warranty, and transformers have a service life of up to 40 years.


If an American customer needs a 2500kva transformer, we usually recommend that the customer order a 2550kva transformer. In this case, the transformer does not need to meet the DOE efficiency value, which can meet the usage requirements and save some costs.


2500kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Package

Pad-mounted transformers are usually packaged in wooden cases or on wooden pallets. Daelim will choose the suitable packaging method for you based on the shipment quantity and transportation method. Daelim has extensive experience in ensuring that the transformer is delivered to you quickly and safely, whether it is transported by sea, land, or air.


In addition to 2500 kVA, 2550kVA pad mounted transformer, Daelim also has 2600 kVA pad-mounted transformer.

2550 kva pad mounted transformer2600 kva pad mounted transformer

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