Canadian 69 kV Substation Transformer Project

69 kV Substation Transformer

Today, we are excited to present a case study on a 69 kV substation transformer project by Daelim Transformer. Our Canadian client required a step-down transformer for their substation to connect with the hydroelectric grid in Quebec.

Quebec, located in the southeast of Canada, experiences diverse climates with winter temperatures dropping to as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the transformer must operate seamlessly in these local weather conditions. The end-user also had stringent requirements for the monitoring and protection system of the transformer.

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69 kV Transformer Radiator
69 kV Transformer Radiator
IP65 Terminal Box
IP65 Terminal Box
69 kV Transformer Detail
69 kV Transformer Detail

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Daelim Transformer Solution

Upon receiving the client's requirements, Daelim Transformer's team of technical engineers promptly initiated project meetings. Leveraging their extensive project experience and professional expertise, they delivered a comprehensive transformer solution within a week, adhering to CSA C88 standards.

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Low-temperature operation

Daelim Transformer utilized a special insulation oil, KI45, enabling the transformer to operate effectively in temperatures as low as minus 45 degrees Celsius. The transformer's tank featured C5-grade external paint protection, enhancing durability in harsh environmental conditions.

Transformer Tank Equipped with Seal Type Conservator and TIP Contacts

The conservator, a component compensating for oil expansion and contraction, was designed with a sealed system, known as the "Seal Type." This design prevents external contact, safeguarding the transformer oil from moisture and contaminants, thus maintaining oil quality and minimizing oxidation risks.

TIP Contacts within the conservator serve to monitor oil levels. The Top Indicator Point (TIP) contacts signal when the oil level reaches a specific point, providing crucial information for assessing oil volume and ensuring proper transformer functionality.

Buchholz Relay with Alarm/Trip Contacts69kv 10mva transformer

The inclusion of a Buchholz Relay with Alarm/Trip Contacts enhances safety and reliability by detecting faults early. The relay monitors gas and oil conditions, triggering alarms for timely warnings. In critical fault scenarios, the automatic shutdown feature prevents further damage, minimizing downtime and improving overall safety.

Hot Spot Monitoring System (8 Channels)

The transformer is equipped with an 8-channel Hot Spot Monitoring System, ensuring accurate temperature tracking at key points for early fault detection, customizable configuration, data logging, remote monitoring, and timely alarms.

  • Precision Monitoring: The system continuously tracks temperatures at eight specific points within the transformer, allowing for detailed and accurate temperature assessment.
  • Early Fault Detection: By closely monitoring multiple hot spots, the system detects temperature variations and potential issues at an early stage, preventing serious faults.
  • Customizable Configuration: The 8-channel system offers flexibility, allowing users to configure monitoring points based on specific transformer design and operational requirements.
  • Data Logging: The system records temperature data over time, providing valuable insights for analysis, maintenance, and optimizing transformer performance.
  • Remote Monitoring Capabilities: The system may offer remote monitoring features, enabling operators to check temperature conditions without physical inspection, enhancing overall efficiency and safety.
  • Alarm and Notification: In case of temperature abnormalities, the system triggers alarms and notifications, ensuring prompt attention to emerging issues.

This comprehensive solution addresses the challenges of operating the transformer in low-temperature environments and fulfills the remote monitoring and protection system requirements, significantly enhancing the transformer's safety and reliability.

69 kV Transformer Specifications

  • Phase Number: 3 Phase
  • Rated Capacity: 10/13.3MVA
  • Rated Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Primary Voltage: 69 kV
  • Secondary Voltage: 4.16 kV
  • Connection Symbol: YNd1
  • Winding Material: Copper
  • Temperature Rise: ONAN 65℃/ONAF 65℃
  • Load Capability at ambient temperature: 13.5/16.5MVA
  • Service Conditions: Outdoor
  • Altitude: 1000m
  • HV Insulation Level: 350/140 kV
  • LV Insulation Level: 60/27 kV
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For further information on this groundbreaking 69 kV substation transformer project and to explore how Daelim Transformer can elevate your electrical solutions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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