Daelim Transformer

Daelim Transformer is a professional transformer manufacturer and supplier, renowned for its swift production and UL/CUL certification. With an impressive track record, including annual exports exceeding 2000 units to North America and over 10,000 units successfully in operation, Daelim Transformer is the trusted choice for top-notch transformer solutions characterized by quality.

R&D Capabilities: They have strong R&D team and they have more than 20 years of transformer design experience and are familiar with lots of international transformer standards, such as IEC, IEEE / ANSI, CSA, etc. The technical team of DAELIM are experts, electrical engineers, CAD first-class draftsmen, etc. They also use the latest technology, machines, and other modern facilities to produce transformers, but meanwhile, DAELIM transformers are made of qualified standard materials that meet the standards of world-renowned suppliers through international procurement as well.

Quality Control: Quality is one of the core values of DAELIM. FAT, Type, and third-party inspection tests are provided for quality and they tend to provide the best to their clients that’s why they strictly implement the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Company Certifications: ISO 9001:2008 UL/CUL certification CSA certification CESI certification  CNAS certification SGS certification, UL/cUL certification, CE certification

The Daelim team is full of experts and professionals, which helps them to solve the customers’ problems quickly. All the DEALIM team had systematic training and is committed to continuous improvement by the quality guidelines and practices. Their dedicated customer service, product innovation, engineering excellence, and strong social & environmental responsibility sense have made them a valued & trusted power solutions partner for the global electric industry.

HV Power Transformer

Daelim Transformer is a transformer manufacturer with certifications including UL, cUL, and CSA. The HV Power transformers with capacities reaching up to 500 MVA and voltage ratings of up to 345 kV. Daelim Transformer's HV power transformers have been successfully deployed and operated in over 30 countries across the globe. These transformers find applications in power generation, transmission, industrial settings, substations, and more. Daelim Transformer excels at crafting tailored solutions to meet your project's unique requirements.

Daelim Transformer's HV power transformers comply with a range of international standards, including IEC 60076 Power Transformers, AS NZS 60076 Power Transformers, CSAC88-16 Power Transformers, ANSI/IEEE C57.12.00 IEEE Standard for General Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers, GOST R 52719 Power Transformers - General Specifications, and EN60076 Power Transformer.

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HV Power Transformer
3 Phase Pad Mounted Transformer

3 Phase Pad Mounted Transformer

Daelim Transformer is a professional pad mounted transformer manufacturer. They specialize in models with high voltage capacities of up to 44 kV and impressive ratings of up to 10 MVA. Daelim Transformer's pad mounted transformer line features a comprehensive range of UL-listed pad-mounted transformers, exemplifying their commitment to quality and safety. Their annual exports of thousands of 3-phase pad-mounted transformers to the North American market underscore their prominence in the industry.

Proficient in ANSI/IEEE, CSA, DOE, and other standards, the Daelim Transformer team ensures swift order fulfillment within 8-14 weeks, backed by a production capacity exceeding 300 units monthly, they stand ready to meet your needs. They provide customizable designs with accessories from ABB, Eaton, and Qualitrol. Daelim's transformers offer safety, eco-friendliness, aesthetic appeal, tamper resistance, and cost-effectiveness, catering to diverse sectors, including data centers, crypto mining, utilities, renewable energy,as well as industrial and construction.

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Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer

Daelim Transformer manufactures a diverse range of single-phase pad-mounted transformers, catering to various standards. These transformers are adaptable, available in standard configurations, and customizable to specific requirements. Typically placed outdoors within cabinets featuring doors and locks, they range from 15-250 kVA in ratings.

These oil-insulated, self-cooled transformers offer radial or loop feed options and are dead-front. They come in two fundamental configurations, radial and loop feed, chosen based on the installation circuit type. With a focus on efficiency and space optimization, Daelim utilizes both aluminum and copper winding. Their transformers strictly adhere to industry standards, including ANSI, IEEE, DOE, CSA, and NEMA.

Daelim Transformer takes pride in delivering tailored solutions that meet precise customer specifications. Their commitment revolves around providing high-quality products characterized by high voltage capacity, stable neutral points, low losses, compact size, cost-effectiveness, safety, environmental responsibility, and appealing aesthetics.

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Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer
Substation Transformer

Substation Transformer

Daelim's substation transformers are sealed tank construction, designed to excel in challenging environments. These transformers strictly adhere to a diverse array of international standards, including CSA, ANSI, IEEE, AS, NZS, IEC, and EN. Ensures that Daelim's transformers consistently meet stringent quality and safety regulations across various regions.

Daelim Transformer's extensive footprint spans more than 30 countries worldwide, with a strong presence in the North American market, bolstered by a wealth of project experience. Their capacity to tailor designs and production to your precise project requirements is unmatched. Whether requiring side-mounted or top-mounted bushings for high or low voltage, Daelim ensures a throat design(full-height ATC or half-height ATC ) that seamlessly connects high and low-voltage cabinets or other essential equipment. Technical specifications can be accommodated, including the integration of oil pillows and OLTC. These transformers can be further customized to meet specific demands, from unique environmental conditions and K-factor considerations to performance at different altitudes and efficiency requirements.

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Ecodesign Transformers Tier 2

Daelim Transformer's ecodesign transformers encompass a diverse range of products, such as oil-immersed transformers, EU Eco-Design Level 2 distribution transformers, energy-saving transformers, smart transformers, and large power transformers. These transformers adhere to the EU transformers Tier 2 standards, thereby enhancing energy efficiency, ensuring environmental compatibility, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Daelim Transformer's ecodesign transformers' key features

  • Customizable: Tailored to meet specific project requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.
  • Fast Delivery: Swift and efficient delivery, meeting project timelines and ensuring timely deployment.
  • Ultra-Low Loss: Demonstrates exceptional energy efficiency with minimal loss, optimizing power transmission.
  • 2-5 Years Long Warranty: Provides a substantial warranty period of 2-5 years, reflecting confidence in durability and performance.
  • Safe, Reliable, Emission Reduction: Ensures a high level of safety and reliability while actively contributing to emission reduction for a sustainable and environmentally friendly operation.
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Ecodesign Transformers Tier 2
Single Phase Pole Mounted Transformer

Single Phase Pole Mounted Transformer

Daelim's single-phase pole-mounted transformers support high voltages of up to 34.5 kV and power ratings of up to 333 kVA. These transformers find extensive use in utility and industrial applications, with numerous installations across North and South America. Daelim's single-phase pole-mounted transformers boast UL, CSA, and CESI certificates, alongside third-party testing reports from SGS.

Daelim Transformer offers a comprehensive production line dedicated to single-phase pole-mounted transformers, known as overhead transformers. They specialize in designing and manufacturing both conventional and completely self-protected (CSP) variants.

The CSP overhead transformer, a standout product from Daelim Transformer, incorporates essential protective features. It integrates a surge arrester on the high-voltage side, a circuit breaker on the low-voltage side, and includes a built-in protective fuse. This all-in-one design eliminates the need for additional protective devices, leading to significant cost savings during installation.

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