DAELIM is a professional power transformer manufacturer, Daelim mainly produce: HV power transformer, Small substation transformer, pad mounted transformer, dry type transformer and distribution transformer.

HV power transformer primary voltage up to 230kV, capacity up to 240MVA. Design and munufacture standard with ANSI-IEEE 57.12,CSA/EN/BS/GOST/AS, IEC60076 1.

Daelim oil -immersed small substation transformer is designed to use in the distribution system.The design and production of Substation transformers conform to ANSI/IEEE, CSA, AS and other international standards. The oil tank can be carbon steel or stainless steel .The bushing can be designed top-mounted and side-mounted.Removable terminal box/air terminal chamber and radiator. The high voltages up to 44kV and rating up to 20 MVA. Widely used in data center,power substation,cryptocurrency mining(bitcoin),solar farm and industry.

Daelim’s pad mounted transformer types are divided into single-phase and three-phase. Daelim pad mounted transformer has CSA, UL/cUL certificate.Single phase pad mounted transformer is widely used in residential.Primary voltage up to 34.5kV and capacity from 15kVA to 250kVA.Design standards conform to ANSI/IEEE, DOE, CSA, NEMA. Three phase pad mounted transformer the high voltage up to 34.5kV and ratings up to 10 MVA.

Daelim transformer has a strict quality control system to ensure the quality, safety and performance of each transformer.

Product Category

220kv Power Transformer
138kv Power Transformer
69kv Power Transformer
Substation Transformer
Pad Mounted Transformer
Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer
Dry Transformer
Distribution Transformer
Single Phase Transformer





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