4500 kVA Substation Transformers for Australian Mining Site

4500 kVA Substation Transformers for Australian Mining Site

Today, we introduce a project by Daelim Transformer aimed at supplying transformers to a mining site in Australia. This project entails the provision of two units of 4500 kVA substation transformers tailored to fit the narrow confines of mining tunnels. Due to space constraints, the transformers need to be compact in size and mounted on mobile racks for easy maneuverability within the mine shafts. This necessitates meticulous design to meet the strict dimensional requirements set by the client.

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4500 kVA Transformer HV Side
4500 kVA Transformer HV Side
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4500 kVA Transformer In Factory
4500 kVA Transformer In Factory
Substation Transformer
4500 kVA Transformer Gauges
4500 kVA Transformer Gauges
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Daelim Transformer's Solution

Our team of engineers, equipped with extensive international project experience and proficiency in AS/NZS, IEC, and ANSI/IEEE standards, devised a solution for this project. They opted for biodegradable vegetable oil as the transformer insulation oil to meet the compact size and space-saving requirements.

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Key Design Features

  • Vegetable Oil: Maximizing insulation and extending lifespan while minimizing transformer size.
  • Side-mounted throat design for high and low-voltage bushings to reduce transformer height and facilitate connection to low-voltage distribution cabinets.
  • Installation of a winding temperature indicator with drip and alarm contacts for real-time monitoring.
  • Integration of a nitrogen blanket with a purge valve for optimal performance and maintenance.

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4500 kVA Substation Transformer Specifications

4500 kVA Substation Transformer Specifications

  • Type: Oil immersed
  • Rated Power: 4500 kVA
  • HV: 11 kV Delta
  • LV: 1000Y
  • Rated Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Cooling Method: KNAN
  • Insulation Oil: Biodegradable vegetable oil
  • Vector Group: Dyn11
  • Efficiency: 99.4%
  • Impedance: 7.8%
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Transformer Size

Dimensions: Height: 1750 mm, Depth: 2600 mm, Width: 2600 mm

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Transformer Weight

Oil Weight: 1920L

Total Weight: 8500 kg

About Daelim Transformer

Daelim Transformer is a leading manufacturer and supplier of transformers with a wealth of international project experience. We export thousands of transformers annually to regions including the Americas, Australia, and Europe, providing support to hundreds of projects. With our commitment to safety, reliability, lightning-fast delivery, and an efficient team, Daelim Transformer stands ready to support your projects. Contact Daelim Transformer anytime for transformer solutions.

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