69kv 66kV Power Transformer

  • Primary Voltage Ratings: 69kV 66kV 63kV or others
  • Secondary Voltage Ratings: 33/13.8/11 kV or others
  • H.V. TAP RANGE: ±8×1.25% or others
  • CONNECTION TYPE: YNd11, Dyn11, YNd1, Dyn1 or others
  • TYPE: Oil Immersed Transformer
  • BIL: up to 350 kV
  • Standards: IEEE, CSA, AS, IEC
  • Application: Substation, solar plant, crypto mine
  • Power Rating: 10000 kVA, 12 MVA, 15 MVA

According to standard 1. GB 6451 Specification and technical requirements for oil-immersed power transformers;2. IEC 60076 Power Transformers;3. AS NZS 60076 Power Transformers;4.CSAC88-16 Power Transformers;5. ANSI/IEEE C57.12.00 IEEE Standard for General Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers;6. GOST R 52719 Power Transformers - General Specifications; 7. EN60076 Poer Transformer;8. Local After-Sales Services In North America South America and other regions respond to your needs within 24 hours.

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15 MVA Transformer Specifications
Phase 3 phase Std.  AS 60076
Power rating 12.5/15 MVA Fluid Mineral Oil
Type Oil Immersed with Expansion Vessel Frequency 50Hz
HV Voltage 66000V No. of tap position 12 taps + nominal
LV Voltage 33000Y/19052V Load loss at rated voltage 62000W
Cooling means ONAN/ONAF No load loss 12000W
HV bushing  Porcelain(brown) Paint Color AS 2700
LV bushing Porcelain(brown) Winding Material  Copper
Environmental condition Outdoor Vector Group Dyn11

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15 MVA Transformer Accessories
Lifting Lugs HV bushing
Jacking Lugs LV bushing:
Earth Terminals (minimum two ) Radiators
Main Earth Bar&Integral Earthing Connections Lightning arrester
Terminal Box for Controls&CT's ( IP65with undrilled holes. CT's to be provided with shorting links ) CT
Tank Drain valve with the sampler OLTC tap changer
Tank Fill valve Ladder
Bolt-On Radiators Nameplate
Radiator Isolation and Drain Valves Oil Temperature Indicator with contacts (Alarms and Trips)
Galvanized steel cooling fans and guards Main Tank Pressure Relief Device
Surge Arresters and associated mounting brackets Main Tank Pressure Relief  Valve with contacts (Alarms and Trips)
Thermometer Pocket High-Pressure Indicator  with contacts (Alarms and Trips)
Insulating Oil Temperature Rise Diaphragm-seal type Conservator Tank with oil level indicator and alarms and trip contacts
Winding Temperature Rise Buchholz Relay with alarm and trip contacts
Winding Temperature Indicator with contacts (Alarms and Trips) 316G Stainless Steel Nameplate
Oil Level Indicator with contacts (Alarms and Trips) 316G Stainless Steel Terminal Marking Plates

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66 kV 15 MVA Transformer

The SFZ-12.5-15MVA/66/33 kV is a 66 kV power transformer tailored to meet the specific requirements of the Australian market, proudly offered by Daelim Transformer. This 15 MVA (15000 kVA) transformer plays a crucial role in powering the Leinster solar farm project in Australia, boasting a primary nominal voltage of 66 kV and a secondary nominal voltage of 33 kV. The transformer strictly adheres to AS 60076 standards.

15 MVA Transformer Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions Weight
Height 4016 mm Tank & accesories 9500 kg
Length 6329 mm Total oil weight 7300 kg
Width 4016 mm Total weight 32000 kg
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15 MVA Transformer Key Feature

Engineered to withstand high ambient temperatures, with a peak threshold of 47.8°C, and equipped for operation within an area characterized by very high pollution levels. Its exterior is coated with C4 standard paint thickness, providing effective protection against moisture and corrosion, especially in coastal regions. The transformer incorporates a 13-speed on-load voltage regulating switch for optimal performance and flexibility. Cooling options encompass both ONAN (Oil Natural Air Natural) and ONAF (Oil Natural Air Forced) types. The power rating reaches 12.5 MVA (12500 kVA) when employing ONAN cooling and goes up to an impressive 15 MVA (15000 kVA) with ONAF cooling.

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15 MVA Transformer Key Feature
15 MVA Transformer Instrumentation

15 MVA Transformer Instrumentation

This 15 MVA (15000 kVA) transformer is equipped with a range of essential instruments, each equipped with contacts that include the Winding Temperature Indicator, Oil Level Indicator, Main Tank Pressure Relief Valve, High Pressure Indicator, and Buchholz Relay. The transformer's Diaphragm-seal type Conservator Tank further incorporates an oil level indicator, alarms, and trip contacts. These instruments, through their contacts, play a pivotal role in ensuring the transformer's operational safety. In case of anomalies such as high temperature and high voltage during operation, these instruments trigger alarms and trips, safeguarding the transformer from potential damage.

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69 kV 10000 kVA Transformer

The SFZ-10000/13300 kVA 69kV/4.16kV transformer, a three-phase transformer manufactured by Daelim Transformer, adheres to IEEE C57 and CSA C88 standards. Its primary winding operates at 69GrdY39.84 kV, with a secondary winding at 4.16(kV) Delta. The transformer employs copper windings for optimal performance.

Purchased by an EPC customer in Canada, this 10000 kVA 69 kV transformer serves as a crucial station transformer within a 69KV substation, facilitating connectivity to the Hydro Quebec grid via a 69 kV transmission line.

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10000 kVA Transformer Specifications

10000 kVA Transformer Specifications

10000 kVA Transformer Specifications
Phase 3 phase Std.  IEEE & CSA
Power rating 10000 kVA Fluid ASTM D3487 Mineral Oil type II
Type Oil Immersed with Expansion Vessel Frequency 60Hz
HV Voltage 69 kV  Tap changer 12-step
LV Voltage 4.16 kV Fluid Capacity 6600 kg
Type of cooling ONAN/ONAF Total weight 25500 kg
HV bushing type Porcelain Paint Color Grey
LV bushing Polymer Winding Material  Copper
Polarity (-) Vector group YNd1
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10000 kVA Transformer Key Feature

In the context of the project's northern Quebec setting, characterized by typically mild summers and extremely cold winters, the 10000 kVA 69 kV transformer demonstrates robust operational capability within the ambient temperature range of -40°C to 30°C. KI45 oil, along with a C5-level external paint finish, enhances its durability. The transformer incorporates a 12-step tap changer and features ONAN/ONAF cooling, achieving a power rating of 10000 kVA at 65℃ according to ONAN, and 13300 kVA with ONAF cooling.

Specialized accessories include an 8-channel Hot Spot Monitoring System, addressing the critical need to monitor transformer winding hot spots. Transformer protection against damage and overuse hinges on the accurate assessment of these hot spots, as the lifespan of insulating paper within the transformer is intimately tied to temperature control. Traditional temperature measurement methods often offer indirect calculations, but accurate optical fiber temperature measurement devices provide real-time monitoring of hot spots. By swiftly detecting temperature anomalies and triggering alarms and relays, these devices ensure the safeguarding of transformer equipment.

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10000 kVA Transformer Key Feature
10000 kVA Transformer Accessories

10000 kVA Transformer Accessories

10000 kVA Transformer Accessories
Oil Filling and Draining Valves LV Bushing(20kV 2000A)
Pressure Relief Valve HV Bushing
Protection Device Radiators
Winding Temperature Indicator Tap changer OLTC
Hot Spot Monitoring System 8 CHANEL Pressure/vacuum gauge
Drain valve with sampler Explosion-proof wire way
Handling Facilities Ladder
Filter Valve Core ground bushing assembly
Oil Level Gauge Oil pillow
Control box NEMA 3R type Top control modes
Fans Buchholz relay with darm/trip contacts
Primary Side Lightning Arrestor 316G Stainless steel terminal marking plates
CT Oil sample valve
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66 kV 12 MVA Transformer

The S11-12000 kVA-66-kV-12.47-kV transformer is a specialized product manufactured by Daelim Transformer, tailored to meet the unique needs of its Canadian customer. The 12 MVA transformer operates at a primary voltage of 66 kV and steps down the voltage to 12.47 kV while providing a capacity of 12 MVA. These transformers are from a Canadian customer who ordered three units in total from Daelim Transformer. The application is installed in a substation in a relatively large crypto mine in British Columbia, Canada.

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12 MVA Transformer Specifications

12 MVA Transformer Specifications

12 MVA Transformer Specifications
Phase 3 phase Std.  EEE & CSA
Power rating 12MVA Fluid Mineral Oil
Type Substation transformer Frequency 60Hz
HV Voltage 66 kV  Tap changer 5-step
LV Voltage 12.47Y/7.2 kV Fluid Capacity 4350 kg
Cooling means ONAN Total weight 22000 kg
HV bushing  Porcelain(top-mount) Paint Color Grey 70
LV bushing Polymere(side-mount) Winding Material  Copper
Environmental condition Outdoor Vector Group Dyn1
Insulation level 325/95 kV Impedance(ONAN) 6.50%
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12 MVA Transformer Key Feature

  • Designed and constructed in compliance with IEEE and CSA standards.
  • Equipped with copper windings for enhanced performance and durability.
  • Utilizes Oil-Natural Air-Natural (ONAN) cooling methods for efficient heat dissipation.
  • Features a High Voltage Basic Insulation Level (HV BIL) of 325 kV and a Low Voltage Basic Insulation Level (LV BIL) of 95 kV.
  • Operates with a Dyn1 vector group.
  • Weighs approximately 22,000 kilograms (kg).
  • Equipped with a five-position tap changer switch to accommodate varying voltage needs.
  • Adopts a top-mount design for high-voltage connections and a side-mount design for low-voltage connections.

The transformer is equipped with a range of safety and reliability features, including explosion-proof wireways, gauges with contacts, and a control box on the low-voltage side. Additionally, the transformer's instrumentation system incorporates both digital and analog signals, such as winding temperature, oil temperature, level, and pressure. This comprehensive instrumentation allows for remote monitoring of the operational status of the 66 kV 12 MVA transformers, ensuring enhanced safety and reliability.

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12 MVA Transformer Key Feature
12 MVA Transformer Accessories

12 MVA Transformer Accessories

12 MVA Transformer Accessories
HV bushing 3 Pressure/vacuum gauge 1
HV bushing CT 3 Liquid level gauge 1
Welded conver with bolted manhole 1 Low voltage cable box 1
Radiators 7 LV bushing 4
SS ground pads 2 LV CT 4
Terminal box 1 CT box 7
Nameplate 1 Explosion-proof wire way 3
Tap changer(Quality) 1 Oil sample valve 1
Ladder 1 Butterfly valve 14
Winding Temperature Indicator 1 Jack 4
Dial type thermometer 1 Drain valve 1
Cover-mounted automatic pressure relief device 1 Base 1

Customer Requirements

The primary objective was to step down the incoming 66 kV supply to 12.47 kV for distribution to four 3000 kVA pad-mounted transformers, which would then power the cryptocurrency mining machines.


Specific accessories needed to be explosion-proof to meet safety requirements.

The customer had precise demands for gauges and valves to monitor and control the transformer.


The project required swift submission of drawings and a very short delivery time frame.

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Customer Requirements
Daelim Transformer Solutions

Daelim Transformer Solutions

Daelim Transformer was fully committed to understanding and addressing the customer's needs. The following solutions were provided:

Customized Transformer Selection:

Following a detailed project description, Daelim Transformer's dedicated sales and engineering teams offered a range of tailored solutions. Ultimately, the customer selected three units of the 12 MVA transformer to align with the requirements of the cryptocurrency mining machines.

Global Accessories Supply Chain:

The Daelim Transformer procurement department engaged with reputable accessories suppliers to secure high-quality gauges and valves that met the customer's specifications. The focus was on ensuring that all accessories were of exceptional quality and in ideal condition for installation on the transformers.

Precise Production Scheduling:

Daelim Transformer paid meticulous attention to the customer's strict lead time requirements. The sales team, procurement team, and production team collaborated diligently to ensure on-time delivery. Customers were provided with real-time access to track the progress of transformer production via the Order Tracking section on the Daelim Transformer website.

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Transformer Testing & Shipping

The 12 MVA 66 kV transformer underwent a comprehensive testing regime to ensure its reliability and performance. Testing included ratio, polarity, phase relation, winding resistance measurement, insulation power factor, impulse tests, potential tests, load loss and impedance measurements, gas analysis (DGA test), leakage test, and control cabinet tests.

To facilitate delivery, the transformer was carefully packaged in an open-top container, and detachable parts were shipped in a separate 20 ft container.

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Transformer Testing & Shipping
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

After three years of collaboration with Daelim Transformer, the customer expressed high regard for the team's efficiency and professionalism. Both the sales and engineering teams demonstrated exceptional proficiency in English and provided outstanding professional service. The customer found Daelim Transformer's transformers to be of superior quality and commended the team for their responsiveness and competitive pricing. A strong and optimistic outlook for the continued growth of the two companies' market presence was expressed.

This cryptocurrency mining project showcases Daelim Transformer's commitment to delivering specialized and high-quality transformer solutions while prioritizing safety, innovation, and prompt customer service in the power industry.

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66 kV 69 kV Transformer

Daelim 66KV 69KV transformer is designed and produced according to GB 6451, IEC 60076, AS NZS 60076, CSAC88-16, ANSI/IEEE C57.12.00, GOST R 52719, EN 60076 standards. Local after-sales services in North America South America and other regions respond to your needs within 24 hours.

69 kV Transformer Project In Canada

The 66KV and 69kV transformer is running in national security and reliability in Canada, Australia, Ecuador, and other nations. This product has the characteristics of stability, economy, and environmental protection, and is suitable for power plants, substations, large industrial and mineralization enterprises, etc.


66kV/69kV Power Transformer Specification

69kv Class Three-phase two winding OLTC power transformer 
Rated Power  High Voltage  Low Voltage  No-load Loss(kw) On-load Loss(kw) No Load current(%)
10MVA 66 kV
69 kV
6.3 kV
6.6 kV
10.5 kV
11 kV
11.6 47.6 0.75
12MVA 13.6 56.5 0.53
15MVA 16.3 69.5 0.49
20MVA 19.2 84.2 0.49
25MVA 22.6 99.5 0.42
30MVA 26.8 120 0.42
37.5MVA 31.9 140.3 0.39
50MVA 38.6 174.3 0.39
60MVA 44.4 210 0.39
69kv Class Three-phase two winding NLTC power transformer 
Rated Power  High Voltage  Low Voltage  No-load Loss(kw) On-load Loss(kw) No Load current(%)
10 000kVA 66kV
6.3 kV
6.6 kV
10.5 kV
11 kV
12.1 47.6 0.75
12 000kVA 12.6 56.5 0.53
15 000kVA 15.1 69.5 0.49
20 000kVA 17.9 84.2 0.49
25 000kVA 21.1 99.5 0.42
30 000kVA 25.1 120 0.42
37 500kVA 30 140.3 0.39
50 000kVA 35.4 174.3 0.39
60 000kVA 42.1 210 0.39

66kV Power Transformer For Canada

66kv transformer


66kV Power Transformer For Australia

66 kv power transformer


69kV Power Transformer For Ecuador

69 kv transformer