Rental Transformer

  • Primary Voltage Ratings: From 2.4kV Up to 34.5kV
  • Secondary Voltage Ratings: 480Y/277-600Y/346
  • TYPE: Pad mounted or multi-tap transformer
  • BIL: 30-150kV
  • Standards: IEEE NEMA CSA
  • Application: distribution system, industrial,Electrical equipment rental
  • Power Rating: 300kVA-7000kVA
  • Certificate: UL, CSA

Daelim Transformer manufactures robust and reliable rental transformer tailored to fulfill the exigencies of emergency power supply across industrial, commercial, and renewable energy sectors. Encased within meticulously crafted protective metal enclosures, our transformers boast forklift pockets facilitating effortless loading and unloading onto trailers and mobile platforms. Our product line encompasses an extensive range of high and low voltage options, ensuring versatility and adaptability to diverse operational requirements.

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Power Rating High Voltage Low Voltage Dimensions(Inch)
1000kVA 2400 Delta X 4160Y / 2400 480Y / 277 110*84*68
500kVA 4160Y / 2400 480Y / 277 66*69*85
750kVA 4160Y/2400 480Y / 277 132*86*96
300kVA 2400 Delta X 4160Y / 2400 480Y / 277 98*75*52
1500kVA 2400 Delta X 4160Y / 2400 480Y / 277 110*84*68
2500kVA 2400 DELTA X 4160Y/2400 X 7200 DELTA X 12470Y/7200 480Y/277 X 600Y/346 120*92*81
2800kVA 2400 Delta X 7200 Delta /
4160Y/2400 X 12470Y/7200
480Y/277 X 600Y/346 120*93*83
3500kVA 2400 Delta X 7200 Delta / 4160Y/2400 X 12470Y/7200 480Y / 277 120*82*79
3750kVA 19920 Delta X 34500Y/19920 X 14400 Delta x 24940Y/14400 480Y / 277 88*91*128
5000/5600kVA 13800Delta 2400Delta 89*107*122
7000kVA 19920 Delta X 34500Y/19920 X
14400 Delta x 24940Y/14400
480Y / 277 99*101*148

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  • 3ph, 60hz
  • 55/65°C Rise
  • Side mout bushing with Full / Part Length Air Terminal Chamber or Throat
  • External No Load Tap Changer
  • External Delta-Wye Switch
  • Forklift Pockets
  • Drain and Sample Valve
  • Dial-TypeThermometer
  • Liquid Level Gauge
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • PressureVacuum Gauge
  • Fan Package
  • Control Box

multi tap transformer
Daelim Transformer's rental transformers offer pad mount and substation type (multi-tap transformer). The distinct advantage of accommodating multi-high and multi-low voltage specifications, adeptly meeting the diverse voltage demands across various applications. Renowned for their safety, reliability, and user-friendly operation, our retal transformers are fortified with authoritative certifications including UL, cUL, and CSA, attesting to their adherence to stringent quality standards. Daelim Transformer stands poised to deliver heightened economic benefits to transformer rental companies while adeptly addressing an array of design prerequisites. Reach out to us today to procure detailed information tailored to your rental transformer requirements.

Furthermore, Daelim Transformer upholds a steadfast commitment to sustainable development, integrating eco-conscious practices throughout the manufacturing process to mitigate environmental impact. Engineered for extended lifespan, our transformers minimize the necessity for frequent replacements, thus contributing to resource preservation.