1000 kva Pad Mounted Transformer

  • Primary Voltage Ratings: 34.5-19.92/13.8-7.957/13.2-7.62/12.47-7.2,13.2, 44 or others
  • Secondary Voltage Ratings: 208GrdY/120;416GrdY/240,480GrdY/277,/600GrdY/347,220y/127,480V,415v,600v or others
  • H.V. TAP RANGE: ±2×2.5% or others
  • CONNECTION TYPE: Dyn11/YNyn0 or others
  • TYPE: Loop feed/Radial feed
  • BIL: 30-200 kV
  • Standards: ANSI/IEEE, CSA/CAN, DOE
  • Application: BESS, Data center, Industry, Renewable energy, EV charging, Utility
  • Power Rating: 1000 kVA, 1 MVA
  • Certificate: UL, cUL, CSA, SGS

Daelim Transformer is a professional manufacturer of transformers with UL listings and certifications for voltage levels up to 44kV, offering a comprehensive range of UL-certified pad-mounted transformers. Annually, we export thousands of these transformers to the United States and Canada. Proficient in IEEE/ANSI, CSA, DOE, NEMA, and other standards, our team ensures compliance with diverse regulatory requirements. In addition to UL certification, we also hold CSA, MF, CESI certificates, and third-party SGS test reports. With extensive project experience, we understand that each project has unique requirements. That's why we offer customizable transformers, allowing adjustments to voltage, capacity, connection method, and special design to perfectly suit your needs. The 1000 kVA pad-mounted transformer can be customized to fit your project requirements. Contact Daelim Transformer today to receive the parameter sheet, drawings, and quotation for the 1000 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer.

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1000 kVA (1 MVA) Transformer Specifications
Power rating 1000kVA, 1 MVA No load loss 1040w
HV Voltage 13200DELTA On load loss 8095w
LV Voltage 480GrdY/277V Frequency 60Hz
HV BIL 95kV Vectorgroup Dyn1
LV BIL 30kV No. of tap position 7
Length 1730mm Tank & Accessories 2200lbs
Width 1525mm Oil weight 310GAL
Height 1885mm Total weight 8360lbs
HV/LV Winding Aluminum Impedance 5.50%
Altitude ≤1,000m Color Munsell 7GY3.29/1.5

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1000 kVA Transformer Accessories
Name Qty Name Qty
Fill plug 1 Drip tray 1
Lifing lug 4 Door handle 1
Hinged door 2 Tap changer 1
Flip top cover 1 Bay-O-net fuse 3
Ground steel pads 3 Isolation link 3
H.V bushing(15kV) 3 Mounting bracket 2
Ground strap copper 1 Oil level gauge 1
L.V bushing(6 hole) 4 Temperature indicator 1
Pressure relief valve 1 Two position loadbreak switch 1
Vacuum pressure gauge 1 Rigid barrier between H.V & L.V 1
Drain valve with sampler 1 Under-oil arrester disconnector(18kV) 1
Name plate(stainless steel) 1 Upper fill valve filter press connection 1
1000kVA (1MVA) Transformer Specifications
Power rating 1000kVA Frequency 60Hz
HV Voltage 44000DELTA Vectorgroup Dyn1
LV Voltage 600Y/347V No. of tap position 5
HV BIL 250kV Oil weight 1700L
LV BIL 30kV Total weight 4600Kg
Std.  CSA C88 Impedance 5.75%
Efficiency 99.15% Color Munsell green
HV/LV Winding Aluminum Temperature rise 65℃



1000 kVA (1 MVA) Pad Mounted Transformer


The ZGSL-Z-1000/13.2/0.48 is a 1000 kVA transformer with a primary voltage of 13.2 kV in a delta configuration, and a secondary voltage of 480Y/277V. Both the high and low voltage windings are made of aluminum, and the cooling method employed is ONAN (Oil Natural Air Natural). The transformer is designed with a Dyn1 connection group and utilizes mineral oil as the insulating liquid.

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This 1000 kVA (1 MVA) pad-mounted transformer has been customized for an American customer, and a total of 6 units are provided. The transformer follows a live front layout design. It features three integrated high-voltage bushings, specifically 15kV porcelain bushings with 4 holes each. Additionally, there are four low-voltage bushings, which are spade-type bushings with 6 holes each. The configuration also includes a two-position load break switch, three under-oil arresters, and a 7-position tap changer. The low-voltage is grounded the tank. The transformer's design adheres to the standards specified by IEEE Std. C57.12.00, IEEE Std. C57.12.90, and IEEE Std. C57.12.34. Furthermore, its efficiency meets the requirements outlined in DOE 2016 Std.

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The ZGSL-Z-1000/44/0.6 is a pad-mounted transformer, cUL listed and tailored to meet the specific needs of Canadian customers. It operates at a high voltage of 44 kV and a low voltage of 600Y/347V, delivering a substantial power rating of 1000 kVA (1 MVA). Notably distinct, this 1000 kVA (1 MVA) transformer adopts a live front configuration. A distinctive feature sets it apart: its structural layout diverges from that of conventional live fronts. The design incorporates a unique side-out arrangement for both high and low-voltage components.

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At the low voltage,  the 1000kVA (1MVA) transformer showcases four spade bushings and features an air terminal chamber extending towards the bottom of the oil tank. The high-voltage side, in contrast, employs three one-piece porcelain bushings furnished with 4 holes and a throat. A range of essential accessories, such as winding temperature indicators, oil gauges, pressure vacuum gauges, pressure relief valves, tap changers, and load break switches, are strategically positioned along the side of the fuel tank wall.

Compliance is assured with the CSA C88 Std., reflecting the commitment to adhering to industry standards. This meticulously designed transformer stands as a testament to both its specialized construction and its alignment with the precise requirements of the Canadian market.

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13.2 kV & 44 kV 1000 kVA (1 MVA) Transformer Pictures

13.2 kV 1000 kVA Transformer H.V

13.2 kV 1000 kVA Transformer H.V

13.2 kV 1000 kVA Transformer

13.2 kV 1000 kVA Transformer

13.2 kV 1000 kVA Transformer L.V

13.2 kV 1000 kVA Transformer L.V

44 kV 1000 kVA Transformer Accesories

44 kV 1000 kVA Transformer Accesories

44 kV 1000 kVA Transformer Control Box

44 kV 1000 kVA Transformer Control Box

44 kV 1000 kVA Transformer Namplate

44 kV 1000 kVA Transformer Namplate

1000kVA Transformer

What Exactly is A 1000 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer?

1000kva transformerPad-mounted transformers have the responsibility of reducing the voltage level to the typical residential voltage that is generally used to power electrical devices, appliances, and lighting. This is significantly done so that the devices, appliances, and lighting can be generally powered by the transformers. These large green power boxes are typically seen frequently in a variety of different locations around the city.

1000 kVA pad-mounted transformers usually come complete with their self-protecting fuses. One of these fuses is a high-energy current-limiting backup fuse, while another fuse, a bayonet mount fuse, is mainly installed in a high-voltage compartment. 

As a result, the 1000 kVA pad-mounted transformer is always protected from overloading as well as secondary failures.


1000kva padmount transformer1000 kVA pad-mounted transformers can be also installed anywhere, including indoors, outside, or even on the streets. 

It is highly recommended that a 1000 kVA pad-mounted transformer is always installed outside; however, it is possible to install these transformers anywhere.

Common names for this kind of equipment include liquid-filled radial feed pad-mounted or loop feed pad-mounted transformers. 


Some of the advantages of a pad-mounted transformer with a producing capacity of 1000 kVA include:

  • no neutral point drifting
  • minimal loss
  • minimal volume
  • cost-effectiveness
  • safety
  • environmental preservation
  • sleek design

They are purpose-built to satisfy the requirements of the subsurface distribution loads.  They can be generally found in retail areas, schools, and various other sorts of institutions, in addition to manufacturing firms. 

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1000 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer types

1000kva pad-mounted transformer has two structures loop feed and radial feed which can meet U.S. DOE efficiency value. Whether you are from the United States, Canada, Mexico, or Honduras, Daelim's pad liquid transformers can meet local technical requirements.

1000kva pad mounted transformer types

1000 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Standard Primary

The following table is the standard primary voltage of 1000kva transformers. If you need other levels of voltage or special requirements, Daelim's technical team can also customize the design.1000kva pad mount transformer

Standard Primary
Voltage Rating Minimum BIL   Voltage Rating Minimum BIL
Delta or Wye Ground Wye
2400 V 45 kV 4160GrdY/2400 65 kV
4160 V 60 kV 12470GrdY/7200 95 kV
4800 V 60 kV 13200GrdY/7620 95 kV
7200 V 75 kV 13800GrdY/7970 95 kV
7620 V 75 kV 22860GrdY/13200 125 kV
12000 V 95 kV 23900GrdY/13800 125 kV
12470 V 95 kV 24940GrdY/14400 125 kV
13200 V 95 kV
13800 V 95 kV 34500GrdY/19920 150 kV
16340 V 95 kV


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1000 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Outline Drawing

The figure below is the outline drawing of a 12 kV 1000 kVA pad-mounted transformer.

1000kva pad mounted transformer drawing
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1000 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Datasheet

The following table is the tech datasheet of a 12.47 kV 1000 kVA pad-mounted delta transformer.

Pad Mount Transformer 1000kVA 12740V:480Y/1.732V
Supplier …. Beijing Daelim
Model …. ZGS11-H-1000/12.74
Standard manufacturing and testing …. IEEE Std. C57.12.00 IEEE Std. C57.12.90 IEEE Std. C57.12.34
Type   Loop feed pad mount
Installation   Outdoor
Altitude above sea level/Ambient temperature m/℃ 1000/50
Altitude   ≤1500m
Rated Power kVA 1000
HV V 12740
LV V 480Y/1.732
Rated Frequency Hz 60
Cooling System   ONAN
Core/Shell   Core type
Refrigerant   Mineral oil 45# (PCB FREE)
No load losses at rated voltage and rated frequency on the principal tap W 1150
Load loss at rated voltage W 10300
Core legged   3
Winding material   Aluminum
High voltage electrical characteristics of transformers and assembled load break terminals
Insulation class kV 15
BIL kV 95
Low voltage
Insulation class kV 1.2
BIL kV 30
Impedance % 5.75


1000kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Weight

1000kVA pad-mounted transformer weighs about 3200kg. The table below is the specific weight of a 12.47 kV 1000 kVA loop feed pad mount transformer with aluminum windings produced by Daelim. Due to the difference in voltage, material, accessories, etc., the weight of the 1000 kVA pad transformer will be different.

Oil kg 650
Total kg 3235


1000 kVA Pad Mounted Transformers Dimensions

The following table is the detailed size of a 1000kva loop feed pad mount transformer designed and produced by Daelim.

1000 kVA Pad Mount Transformer Dimensions
Height mm 1651
Depth mm 1549
Width mm 1854

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1000kVA Pad Mounted Transformers Nameplate

The picture below is a 24.94kV 1000 kVA radial feed pad mount transformer for the Canadian market. From the transformer nameplate, you can see that there is important information such as temperature rise, primary voltage, secondary voltage, capacity, weight, capacity of transformer oil, voltage regulation range, build standard, connection method, etc.

1000kva pad mounted transformer nameplate

1000 kVA Pad Mounted Transformers Quality and Tech Control

The DAELIM factory has strict technical and quality control to ensure each transformer's reliable, safe, and electrical performance. Daelim 1000kva pad-mounted transformers have a long two-year warranty.

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Please feel free to contact the Daelim Team if you have any concerns.

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