2550 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer For Data Center in Mexico, Missouri

Today, we're excited to showcase Daelim Transformer's involvement in a project supplying four 2550 kVA pad mounted transformers tailored for a data center located in Mexico, Missouri. Data centers, known for their substantial power demands, require reliable solutions to ensure seamless operation during peak electricity usage.

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UL Nameplate
UL Nameplate
Loop Feed Transformer
Loop Feed Transformer
Control Box
Control Box
Daelim Transformer's Solution

Daelim Transformer's Solution

Understanding the fluctuating power demands of the data center, our engineers designed the transformer cooling system to operate in both ONAN (Oil Natural Air Natural) and ONAF (Oil Natural Air Forced) modes. Equipped with a set of fans on the radiator, the transformer can provide 2550 kVA of power in ONAN mode and up to 3300 kVA when the fans are activated during peak periods. This flexibility ensures the smooth operation of load equipment during high-demand periods.

The transformer is outfitted with an oil temperature indicator with contacts connected to a control box, allowing for remote monitoring of transformer operation. Additionally, the control box enables remote activation or deactivation of the transformer fans as needed.

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Pad Mounted Transformer Specifications

  • Type: Loop feed pad mount
  • Power Rating: ONAN: 2550 kVA; ONAF: 3300 kVA
  • Primary Voltage: 34.5 kV
  • Secondary Voltage: 415GrdY/240V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Cooling System: ONAN/ONAF
  • Phases: 3
  • Vector Group: Dyn1
  • Refrigerant: ASTM II Mineral
  • Impedance: 5.75% at ONAN
  • Efficiency: As per IEEE
  • Mat H.V&L.V: Aluminum
  • Tank: Mild steel
  • Colors: Munsell Green
  • Weight: Total - 6200 kg
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Pad Mounted Transformer Specifications
Compartment Details

Compartment Details

High Voltage Compartment: Includes six separable insulated high-voltage bushings, one 4-position load break switch, three Bay-O-net fuses, one 5-position tap changer, and a drip tray.

Low Voltage Compartment: Features a nameplate, four LV spade bushings with 10 holes, a vacuum pressure gauge, fill plug, pressure relief valve, upper fill valve, terminal support, oil temperature indicator with contacts, oil level gauge, and drain valve with sampler.

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Daelim Transformer

As a leading transformer manufacturer and supplier in China, Daelim Transformer offers a wide range of transformer solutions, including pad mounted transformers, substation transformers, HV power transformers, cast resin transformers, and single-phase pole-mounted transformers. With thousands of transformers supplied annually to North America and support provided for over two hundred projects, Daelim Transformer's reputation for excellence is evident. Whether in the utility, industrial, distributor, electrical wholesale, construction, data center, oil & gas, or renewable energy sectors, Daelim Transformer stands ready to provide tailored transformer solutions for your project needs. Contact Daelim Transformer.

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