Quality First

At Daelim Transformer, we understand that our reputation relies on the quality of our products and services. To ensure the highest standards, we adhere to stringent guidelines and maintain lower variable tolerance requirements, enabling us to implement exhaustive quality control protocols. Only exceptional products bear the Daelim name, thanks to our strict QC guidelines and qualified inspectors.

Our detailed processes begin with our QC Engineer randomly selecting items from alternating product lines, which are then sent directly to our Quality Control Lab. Our QC Inspectors conduct comprehensive tests, including integrated technical inspections. These tests cover various aspects such as material impurities, magnet grades, component integrity, coating color consistency, and assembly quality. All our products must meet the stricter tolerances set by the industry.

Furthermore, our quality control efforts go beyond regular testing in our Research & Development department. We have obtained certifications from international authoritative organizations such as UL, cUL, CSA and CE, as well as test reports from SGS, CESI, and others. These certifications and test reports further validate the quality and reliability of our transformers, providing additional reassurance to our customers.

At Daelim Transformer, we remain committed to upholding the highest quality standards, backed by certifications and comprehensive testing, to deliver outstanding products and earn the trust of our customers.

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