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Contac Daelim Transformer

Daelim Transformer

Substation Transformer(Skid Mounted Transformer)

Certificate: UL/cUL, CSA; Capacity: 750kVA -20,000kVA; Bushings: Top-mounted / Side-mounted; Standards: ANSI, IEEE, CSA, AS/NS, IEC, etc; Primary Voltage: 2400 V to 44,000 V, or others; Secondary Voltage: 120 V to 24,940 Vor others; Enclosure Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel(304L)

Daelim substaion transformer

Daelim's substation transformers(skid-mounted transformers) feature a sealed tank construction, making them suitable for challenging environments. These transformers can be customized to meet your specific requirements, including special environments, altitudes, efficiency values, and more.

Furthermore, Daelim's skid-mounted transformers adhere to a wide range of international standards, including CSA, ANSI, IEEE, AS, NZS, IEC, and EN. This ensures that our transformers meet the necessary quality and safety regulations for various regions.

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Station Transformer Customization

Daelim Transformer, supported by a highly skilled technical team, offers extensive customization options to meet your specific requirements. Some of the customizable features include:

  • Standards and Rules:
  • K-Factor.
  • Audible Sound
  • Efficiency Value
  • Bushing Layout
  • Accessories Brand
  • Impedance Value
  • Standard Testing
  • Special Environments

If you have other special requirements, please contact Daelim Transformer or send information to

Contac Daelim Transformer
Station Transformer Customization
Substation Transformer Drawing

Substation Transformer Drawing

The Daelim Transformer's substation transformer outline drawings mainly contain the following information:

  • Transformer Dimensions: length * width * height;
  • Transformer Part Location and Identification
  • Transformer Accessories
  • LV & HV Cable Entry Points
  • HV and LV Terminal Spacing
  • LV Cable Outlet Box Size
  • HV Cable Outlet Box Dimensions
  • Technical Data
  • Transformer Weight(oil, tank & accessories)

The substation transformer designed and produced by Daelim Transformer ensures that it fully meets your requirements, ensuring that the transformer can be installed and used accurately after you receive it.

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Standard Features & Available Options

Standard Features

Available Options

  • Liquid Level Gauge
  • Top Oil Temperature Gauge
  • Fill Plug
  • Drain Valve with Sampler
  • Schrader Valve for Nitrogen Blanket
  • Automatic Pressure Relief Valve
  • Externally Operated De-Energized Tap Changer
  • Tank Grounding Pads
  • Jacking provision
  • Base designed for rolling
  • Undercoating of tank bottom to prevent corrosion
  • Diagrammatic corrosion resistant nameplate
  • Hazardous duty for classified areas
  • Primary & Secondary Dual Voltage & Special Taps
  • Primary Molded Vacuum Interrupters
  • Secondary Breakers304L & 316L Stainless Steel tank, cabinets, & hardware
  • Mineral Oil or FR3
  • Nitrogen Pressurization Systems
  • K-Factor for drive applications
  • Neutral Grounding Resistors
  • Seismic Withstand
  • Fork Lift Pockets
  • Special Paint Colors

Small Substation Transformer Catalog

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Standard Features & Available Options
Substation Transformer Warranty

Substation Transformer Warranty

Daelim substation transformers offer a minimum warranty period of 24 months, providing you with peace of mind. Daelim Transformer's dedicated after-sales team is committed to promptly addressing any non-human faults that may arise during the warranty period.

  • Offline Factory Inspection
  • Online Video Factory Inspection
  • Online Video Supervision of Substation Transformer Tests

Small Substation Transformer Manual

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Daelim Transformer Services

Daelim Transformer's comprehensive services encompass pre-sales, sales, and after-sales support.

Pre-sales: Daelim Transformer's knowledgeable sales team possesses expertise in transformer technology, enabling them to quickly understand your needs, answer technical queries, and provide swift quotations. Efficient communication ensures valuable time and energy savings for you.

Sales: Once you place an order with Daelim Transformer, its after-sales team keeps you informed about the production progress of your substation transformer. You can conveniently track the status of your order through Daelim's system, anytime and anywhere.

After-sales: With a widespread presence across the American market, Daelim Transformer's after-sales team is always ready to assist you. Should any issues occur with your transformer, our local team will promptly visit your site to troubleshoot and resolve the problem, ensuring minimal disruption.

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Daelim Transformer Services
Substation Transformer Testing

Substation Transformer Testing

At Daelim Transformer, we prioritize the strict testing of every transformer we produce. Our testing procedures adhere to the regulations of different countries and cater to specific customer requirements, ensuring compliance with various standards. The extensive range of tests we conduct includes:

  •  Dielectric Tests: Safeguarding Insulation Integrity
  • Voltage Ratio and Vector Group Measurement: Ensuring Precision
  • Winding Resistance Measurement: Validating Electrical Conductivity
  • Power-Frequency Voltage Withstand Test: Assessing Endurance
  • Induced Voltage Withstand Test: Ensuring Robustness
  • Measurement of No-load Losses and No-load Current: Optimizing Efficiency
  • Measurement of Impedance Voltage and Load Losses: Evaluating Performance
  • Sealed Test: Verifying Protection
  • Sound Level Measurement: Ensuring Quiet Operation
  • Lighting Impulse Voltage Withstand Test: Enhancing Resilience
  • Temperature Rise Test: Validating Heat Dissipation
  • Oil Test: Assessing Insulation Properties

Rest assured that Daelim Transformer employs stringent testing procedures to deliver transformers that meet the highest quality standards, comply with regulations, and surpass customer expectations. Choose Daelim Transformer for reliable, thoroughly tested transformers that power your electrical systems with confidence.

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CSA IEEE Standard For North America

•IEEE C57.12.00™—Standard General Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers

• IEEE C57.12.10™—IEEE Standard Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Power Transformers

• IEEE C57.12.36™—IEEE Standard Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution Substation Transformers

• IEEE C57.12.40™—IEEE Standard for Network, Three-Phase Transformers, 2500 kVA, and Smller;High Voltage, 34 500 V and Below; Low Voltage, 600 V and Below

• IEEE C57.12.70™—Terminal Markings and Connections for Distribution and Power Transformers

• IEEE C57.12.28™—Switchgear and Transformers, Pad-Mounted Equipment—Enclosure Integrity

• IEEE C57.12.80™— Standard Terminology for Power and Distribution Transformers

• IEEE C57.12.90™—IEEE Standard Test Code for Liquid-Immersed DistributionPower, and Regulating Transformers

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CSA IEEE Standard For North America

CSA IEEE Standards For North America

• IEEE C57.12.91™—IEEE Guide for Loading Mineral-Oil-Immersed Transformers andStep-Voltage Regulators

• IEEE C57.105™—Guide for Application of Transformer Connections in Three-Phase Distribution Systems

• IEEE C57.109™—Guide for Liquid-Immersed Transformer Through-Fault-Current Duration

• IEEE C57.111™—Guide for Acceptance of Silicone Insulating Fluid and Its Maintenance in Transformers

• IEEE C57.121™—Guide for Acceptance and Maintenance of Less Flammable Hydrocarbon Fluid in Transformers

• CSA-C88—Power Transformers and Reactors

• CSA-C802.3—Maximum Losses For Power Transformers

• DOE 2016 Energy Efficient (225–2500 kVA)

Substation Transformer Specification

kVA HV LV Width(mm) Length(mm) Height(mm)
315kVA 11000V 400V 800 696 1336
500kVA 27600V 480GrdY/277V 1730 2300 1510
500kVA 11000V Delta 415V Star 1700 1700 1650
750kVA 11000V 433V 1850 1845 1465
1000kVA 14400V 415/240V 1085 1860 1570
1200kVA 13800V 240V 2450 1850 1820
1500kVA 24940V 600V 1800 1880 1895
2000kVA 7200V 600GrdY/346 1766 2680 1982
2000kVA 44000V 600V 1260 2090 1700
2500kVA 24940V 480GrdY/277V 2400 2200 2060
3000kVA 11000V 415V 1600 2330 1920
3000kVA 22800V 415/240V 2130 3500 1910
3750kVA 44000V 600V 2240 2650 2700
4000kVA 33kV×13.2kV 600Y/347 2150 3250 2290
5000kVA 34500V 7200V 3780 1850 3450
5000kVA 34500V  4160V Star 2799 2400 2938
6300kVA 35000V 400V 3520 2820 3470
6800kVA 34500V 800V 3400 2670 3400
7500kVA 27600Y 4160DELTA 3350 3290 2270
12000kVA 34500V 800V 3690 3200 3650
Substation Transformer Specification
Substation Transformer Specification

Substation Transformer Specification

Power rating HV LV Width(mm) Length(mm) Height(mm)
1500/2000kVA 13800V 480GrdY/277V 1960 1750 2165
2500/3000kVA  34500V 480GrdY/277V 2199 2651 2159
2500/3000kVA 34500V 480V 2044 2672 2062
2500/3125kVA 16500V  600V Star 2247 1981 2286
3000/4000kVA  25000V 600V 2250 2850 1980
4000/5333kVA 25000V  600V 2260 2950 2200
1.5MVA 11000/6600V  1000V Star 1800 2200 1960
2.5MVA 22000V  11000V Star 2850 2200 2100
3/4MVA 4160V  480/277V Star 2800 2100 2080
4/5MVA 13800V  4160V Delta 3302 2700 2103
5/6.667MVA 44000V 124700V 2230 2235 3450
7.5/9.375MVA 34500V 4160V 2800 3800 3000
10/12.5MVA 249400V 4160V 2900 3800 3200
18/24MVA 13.8kV  6900V Star 3770 4900 3200
20/26.6MVA 249400V 4160V 4270 3180 3245
2000/2240-2500/2800kVA 13800V 2*480/277V 1950 2125 2414

IEC AS Standard For Skid Mounted Transformer


Simple tank and terminal configurations for optimum cost efficiency

Accessories for Transformer Protection and Monitoring

Cable Boxes, Kiosks, or open bushing arrangements

Hermetically sealed for long life

100 to 20000kVA

Zinc spray Paint system available for highly corrosive environments

Standard Transformer oil or biodegradable fluid options available.

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IEC AS Standard For Skid Mounted Transformer
IEC AS Standard For Skid Mounted Transformer

IEC AS Standard For Skid Mounted Transformer

Electrical Steel Type

Cold rolled, grain oriented,

silicon steel sheets

Tank Sealing

Hermetically sealed

Oil Type

Oil filled to AS1767 and BS148

HV Volts

6600, 11000, 22000, 33000

(others available)

LV Volts

433 - 250V Dyn11

As standard (others available)

HV Tappings

+5% to -7.5% up to 300kVA

+ 2.5 to -10% in 2.5% steps

500kVA and above

(others available)

Oil / Winding Rises

60 / 65˚C

As standard (others available)

BIL / Power Frequency Levels

95kVpeak / 28kVrms

150kVpeak / 50kVrms

200kVpeak / 70kVrms

Maximum Operating Pressure 35kPA


AS Specification For Skid Mounted Transformer

kVA Width(mm) Length(mm) Height(mm) Oil(Litre) Total Mass(kg)
100 1300 1200 1000 300 900
200 1360 1200 1100 350 1200
300 1400 1300 1150 400 1480
500 1500 1400 1300 600 2200
750 1500 1700 1550 800 2780
1000 1500 1700 1550 780 3000
1250 1600 1800 1600 1000 3780
1500 1650 2000 1650 1200 4500
AS Specification For Skid Mounted Transformer

Substation Transformer Package

substation transformer package
Due to the substantial weight of substation transformers, sea transportation is the preferred method for delivery. At Daelim Transformer, we employ two different packaging methods based on container types to ensure safe transit:

1. Wooden Box Packaging: Ultimate Protection

To safeguard the transformer from any potential impact or bumps during transportation, we utilize robust wooden box packaging. Firstly, the transformer is securely fastened onto a sturdy wooden support. Next, the entire unit is enveloped with fumigated logs, providing comprehensive protection, including the top. This packaging method guarantees that the transformer arrives at its destination undamaged.

2. Bare Installation: Ensuring Safety and Security

In cases where a naked installation is feasible, we employ an alternative packaging approach. The transformer is firmly secured on sleepers, ensuring stability during transportation. Additionally, to protect the terminal box (control box), we encase it within a wooden box. This method offers an additional layer of safeguarding while maintaining the overall integrity of the transformer.

At Daelim Transformer, we prioritize the secure packaging of substation transformers for sea transportation. Our packaging methods are designed to prevent any potential damage and ensure that your transformer arrives in pristine condition, ready for installation. Trust Daelim Transformer to handle your transformer transportation needs with utmost care and professionalism.

Daelim Transformer Factory

Finished transformer area

Finished transformer area

Material processing area

Material processing area

Substation Transformer assembly area

Substation Transformer assembly area

Substation transformer with UL

Substation transformer with UL

Substation Transformer Application

For Renewable Energy

For Renewable Energy

Substation transformers are commonly utilized in solar and wind power plants to integrate with the grid, stabilize its operation, and enable direct interconnection of energy.

Solar Energy Transformer Solution
For Energy Storage

For Energy Storage

Substation transformers are crucial components in energy storage systems, facilitating voltage transformation, grid connection, power dispatch, grid stability, power quality, and frequency regulation. 

For Portable Substation

For Portable Substation

The Daelim Transformer'substation transformer, purchased by an Australian customer, is designed for portable substations. It enables temporary power infrastructure deployment in remote or temporary locations for industrial, construction, or emergency power applications.

For Data Center & Mining

For Data Center & Mining

Daelim Transformer's substation transformers are employed in a small bitcoin mining facility in Texas. Four transformers are utilized to support the power needs of the facility, ensuring efficient and reliable operations.

Mining Transformer Solution
For Utility

For Utility

Substation transformers are vital components in utility power systems. They enable the efficient transmission and distribution of electrical energy, ensuring reliable power supply to end-users. These transformers facilitate voltage transformation, regulate power flow, and maintain grid stability, contributing to the smooth operation and resilience of the utility grid infrastructure.

For Oil & Gas Exploitation

For Oil & Gas Exploitation

Substation transformers provide electrical support to the oil and gas industry, providing electrical support to offshore and onshore facilities. They facilitate power distribution, ensure power quality and stability, and enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity in oil and gas exploration and production operations.