625 kva Pad Mounted Transformer

  • Primary Voltage Ratings: 34.5-19.92/13.8-7.957/13.2-7.62/12.47-7.2 or others
  • Secondary Voltage Ratings: 208GrdY/120;416GrdY/240,480GrdY/277,/600GrdY/347,220y/127,480V,415v,600v or others
  • H.V. TAP RANGE: ±2×2.5% or others
  • CONNECTION TYPE: Dyn11/YNyn0 or others
  • TYPE: Loop feed/Radial feed
  • BIL: 30-150 kV
  • Standards: ANSI/IEEE, CSA, DOE
  • Application: Construction, BESS, Bitcoin mining, Industry, Renewable energy, EV charging, Utility
  • Power Rating: 625 kVA

625 kVA pad-mounted transformers meet ANSI, CSA, DOE, NEMA, IEEE, etc standards. Daelim 625 kVA pad-mounted transformer with UL, CSA, and IEEE certificates. The 625kva transformer's core design structure is a three-legged core or five-legged core assembly.

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625 kVA pad-mounted transformer Certificate

Daelim has 20 years of experience in designing and producing transformers. At the same time, it also has 20 years of experience in international transformer projects. The 625kVA Pad Mounted Transformer with Ul/Cul, CSA certificate. Daelim 500 kVA pad-mounted transformers meet ANSI, CSA, DOE, NEMA, IEEE, etc standards. The 625kva transformer's core design structure is a three-legged core or five-legged core assembly.

ul 625 kva transformer

625kVA Pad Mounted Transformer types

625 kVA pad-mounted transformer has two structures loop feed and radial feed which can meet the U.S. DOE efficiency value.


625kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Standard Primary

Standard Primary
Voltage Rating Minimum BIL   Voltage Rating Minimum BIL
Delta or Wye Ground Wye
2400 V 45 kV 4160GrdY/2400 65 kV
4160 V 60 kV 12470GrdY/7200 95 kV
4800 V 60 kV 13200GrdY/7620 95 kV
7200 V 75 kV 13800GrdY/7970 95 kV
7620 V 75 kV 22860GrdY/13200 125 kV
12000 V 95 kV 23900GrdY/13800 125 kV
12470 V 95 kV 24940GrdY/14400 125 kV
13200 V 95 kV
13800 V 95 kV 34500GrdY/19920 150 kV
16340 V 95 kV

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625kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Standard Accessories

625 kVA pad-mounted transformer standard accessories include: HV bushings, tap changer, LB switch, B-O-net fuses, ELSP fuses, LV bushings, relief valve, oil level gauge, liquid temperature gauge, pressure vacuum gauge, etc.


625 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Datasheet

The following table is a datasheet of a 13.8kV 625kVA pad-mounted radial feed transformer for the American market.

Pad Mount Transformer 625 kVA 13800Delta:480GrdY/277V
Supplier …. Beijing Daelim
Model …. ZGS11-Z-625/13.8
Standard manufacturing and testing …. ANSI/IEEE Std C57.12.00 ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90                    IEEE Std C57.159
Type   Radial feed pad mount
Installation   Outdoor
Rated Power kVA 625
HV V 13,800Delta
LV V 480GrdY/277V
Rated Frequency Hz 60
Cooling System   ONAN
No load losses at rated voltage and rated frequency on the principal tap W 800
Load loss at rated voltage W 7380
Vector Group   Dyn1
Core material   Grain-oriented silicon steel
Core legged   3
Winding material   Cooper
High voltage electrical characteristics of transformers and assembled load break terminals
Insulation class kV 15
BIL kV 95
Low voltage
Insulation class kV 1.2
BIL kV 30
Audible sound level db 55
Impedance % 4
Colors Tank   Munsell Green

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625kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Weight

625kVA pad-mounted transformer with a total weight of about 2000kg. The table below is the specific weight of a 13.8kV 625kVA pad mount transformer with copper windings. Depending on the voltage, material, and optional accessories, the importance of the 625 kVA transformers will be somewhat different.

Oil L 396
Total kg 2196


625kVA Pad Mounted Transformers Dimensions

625 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Total Dimensions for reference
Height mm 1750
Depth mm 1350
Width mm 1730


625kVA Pad Mounted Transformers Packing 

625 kVA pad mount transformers use the packaging method of wooden cases and wooden pallets.

625kva pad mount transformer packing

625 kVA Pad Mounted Transformers Quality and Tech Control

The DAELIM factory has strict technical and quality control to ensure each transformer's reliable, safe, and electrical performance.

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