Single Phase Pole Mounted Transformer

  • Primary Voltage Ratings: 34.5-19.92/13.8-7.957/13.2-7.62/12.47-7.2 or others
  • Secondary Voltage Ratings: 120-240/240-480/347/600V or others
  • H.V. TAP RANGE: ±2×2.5% or others
  • TYPE: Conventional type/CSP type
  • BIL: 30-150kV
  • Standards: IEEE, CSA, DOE, IEC
  • Application: Utility, Electrical wholesales, Industry
  • Power Rating: 10-333 kVA

Daelim single phase pole mounted transformer with UL/cUL, CSA, SGS, and CESI certificates. Single phase transformer is an oil-immersed transformer, and there are two types of single-phase transformers: Conventional Type and CSP Type. Rating ranging from 10 kVA to 333 kVA.Daelim Transformer takes pride in its ability to provide customizable and in-stock solutions for single-phase transformers, catering to a spectrum of industry requirements. Daelim Transformer's commitment to versatility ensures that these transformers can seamlessly adapt to specific needs, including dual-pressure systems and specialized accessories.

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Daelim Transformer

Single Phase Transformer

Daelim Transformer produces a variety of international standard single-phase pole-mounted transformers. The voltage level can reach up to 35 kV, and the power rating can reach 333 kVA.

Thousands of Daelim Transformer's single-phase transformers have been installed and used in the American market, providing support for hundreds of projects. We offer help and support to a large number of utilities and electrical wholesalers in the Americas

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Single Phase Transformer

15kVA Single Phase Transformer

15kVA Single Phase Transformer

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25kVA Single Phase Transformer

25kVA Single Phase Transformer

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25kVA Single Phase Transformer

25kVA Single Phase Transformer

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50kVA Single Phase Transformer

50kVA Single Phase Transformer

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75kVA Single Phase Transformer

75kVA Single Phase Transformer

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100kVA Single Phase Transformer

100kVA Single Phase Transformer

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Single Phase Pole Mounted Transformer


Single Phase Pole Mounted Transformer Certificates

Daelim single phase pole mounted transformer has a series of certificates such as UL/cUL, CSA, and CESI. In addition, many years of market experience in North America and South America in the United States, Canada, Honduras, and other North America.

All units meets or exceeds IEC60076, ANSI/IEEE C57.12.20,C57.12.31, CSA C2.1-06, CSA C2.2-06, NEMA, DOE2016 and etc.Pole Transformer's design is mainly used for electrical applications such as overhead power distribution loads and light industries and lighting. Frequently applied to Electric Utility Power Distribution Systems.

single phase pole mounted transformerul listed single phase transformer

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Standard Features

--You can choose high-quality mineral oils with economy; you can also choose vegetable oils that are friendly to the environment to increase fire safety and electrical performance;

--Reaching or exceeding ANSI, NEMA, CSA, DOE efficiency values and other industry standards

--Quality System ISO 9001 certified.

--Paint system meeting or exceeding the performance of the --lEEEC57.12.28 Standard (para. 5.3 to 5.5 included), including the salt spray test.

--Lifting lugs meeting all of the requirements of the CSA C2.1-06 and CSA C2.2-06 Standard (including features to prevent sling slippage).

--Computer aided design for mechanical &electrical calculations(C.A.D.)

--Core and coils designed for an optimum Total Ownership Cost (TOC)

--Low voltage leads with embossed markings on all units with 3 LV bushings for easy reading and permanent identification on selected ratings

--Provision for surge arrester bracket, bracket available as an option

--“Low-high-low" windings for increased short circuit strength, efficiency, and thermal strength

--Cover or sidewall mounted high voltage bushing(s) as required

--Wound core with step-lap joints for increased efficiency and lower noise levels

--Dual voltage designed to meet BIL and short circuit requirements on both connections.

--Automatic self-resealing pressure relief valve.

--Low voltage spade or clamp type (basket) terminals as required

--Multiple cover clamps to ensure proper sealing and minimize water retention on the cover edge

CSP type standards

--Primary protective link

--Surge arrester

--Secondary circuit breaker

--Secondary breaker operating handle with emergency overload reset

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Optional Accessories

--Externally-operable multiple voltage switches for safe operation

--Externally-operable tap changer switches for safe operation

--Special designs conforming to international specifications

--Dual voltage primary complete with externally operated voltage switch

--Extra creep bushing

--Surge arrester bracket

--Drain/sampling valve

--Filter press connections

--Porcelain low-voltage bushings

--Nonconductive transformer cover

--Temperature gauge (tank size limitations apply)

--Liquid level gauge (tank size limitations apply)

--Pressure vacuum gauge (tank size limitations apply)

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Single Phase Transformer Details

Single phase pole mounted transformer is a distribution-type transformer. Oil-filled single-phase overhead transformers designed and produced by Daelim are normally used for stepping utility distribution voltages (ranging from 2400 to 34500 volts) down to lower utilization voltages. Although some are used for stepping down to commercial and industrial voltages such as 277, 240/480, 2400, and 4800, most are used for stepping down to the single-phase voltage of 120/240.


Single Phase Transformer Specifications

The standard single phase transformer power rating is from 5-167kVA.Daelim can be customized according to your needs, the maximum capacity can reach 333kVA.The following table is the standard of single phase transformer specifications.

250 kva single transformer333 kva single phase transformer

If you need single phase pole mounted transformers with other capacities, please send an email to

Single-Phase Distribution Transformer
Rated Power  High Voltage  Low Voltage W(mm) D(mm) H(mm) Weight(kg)
5 kVA
or others

400 530 960 115
10 kVA 430 530 980 150
15 kVA 480 580 1000 205
25 kVA 500 580 1030 245
37.5 kVA 560 640 1080 335
50 kVA 560 640 1130 370
75 kVA 780 800 1170 505
100 kVA 710 800 1230 530
167 kVA 795 895 1335 680


Single Phase Pole Mounted Transformer Drawing

The figure below is single phase pole mounted transformer drawings designed by Daelim Transformer for Canadian and American customers. These are 25 kVA, 50 kVA, 75 kVA, and 167 kVA pole-mounted transformers. 

pole mounted transformer drawing

Single Phase Transformer Types

single phase pole mounted transformer types
There are two types of single-phase transformers, one Conventional Type and the other CSP Type. Ratings range from 5 kVA to 167 kVA.


Conventional Type

The transformer is a cylinder-sealing structure. Each one is fixed with grounding devices, hooks, and supporting lugs that conform to ANSI standards, and or ore two high voltage bushing on the cover, low voltage bushing on the wall of the tank, and eyebolt, connecting terminals. The tap changer should be adjusted based on the instruction after the power is off.

single phase transformer types

CSP Type

This type of sing-phase transformer can protect itself from thunder and lightning, short circuits, and protect the transiting and distribution line from current failure because of self-malfunction.


Except for some similarities such as cylinder tanks, hooks, lifting lugs, grounding devices, nameplates, core, and winding with the conventional type. This type of sing phase transformer has characteristics and devices as follows:

One or two high-voltage bushings are on the cover with a fuse.


One or two arresters are installed on the wall of the tank, whose top end is near the voltage bushing, and connected to the bushing by a copper strip. One secondary breaker switch is above the winding inside the tank, and here are the operating handle, overload reset, and signal light.

All units are built in accordance with IEC60076, ANSI/IEEEC57.12.20, CSA C2.1-06, CSA C2.2-06 and etc.

csp single phase transformer

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Single Phase Pole Mounted Transformer Optional Accessory

Surge arrester Low voltage circuit breaker
Protective link 4a/Circuit breaker emergency control
Current-limiting fuse 4b/Signal light
Protecto-combo Tap changer
Dual voltage switch Tank pressure relief

single phase transformer optional accessory


Daelim also has single phase pad mounted transformer

Single Phase Transformer Test

Each single phase transformer was tested in strict accordance with the latest revision of applicable ANSITM, IEEETMCSA, and NEMA with test reports available by serial number of the transformer

Routine tests are:

·Leak test

·Polarity and phase relation


·No-load losses and excitation current

·Load losses and impedance

·Applied voltage

·Induced voltage

·Full wave impulse

·Ratio test

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Single Phase Transformer Test Report

Single Phase Transformer Test Report
Rated Capacity 15 Product
60HZ Factory Serial
3Voltage Combination HV(kV) 19.92 Current HV(A) 0.753 Angular displacement II0
LV(kV) 0.24 LV(A) 62.5
2、 Measurement of voltage ratio
Tapping Position HV and LVThe Voltage Value of the Test
The Grade and Accuracy: QJ35 A
Grade 0.2
A 19920 240 0.048
B 19422 0.031
C 18924 0.064
D 18426 0.033
E 17928 0.067
3、 Measurement of winding resistance  Routine
Tapping Position Winding Resistance
HV (Ω) LV(Ω)
A 92.48 X1X2 (Ω) 0.01121
B 90.23
X2X3 (Ω) 0.005759
C 87.91
D 85.64
X1X3 (Ω) 0.01653
E 83.26
The Meter NO. and Grade of Accuracy BZC3395
Grade 0.2
Temperature 32 Humidity 65%
4No-load loss and no-load current test.
Test Items No-Load Loss at 100% rated voltage W No-Load Current %
Measured Value 53 0.41
5Load loss and Short circuit test.
Test Items Load Loss at 85°C and rated voltage W Total Loss W Short Circuit Impedance at 85°C
Measured Value 128.5 181.5 1.97
6、 Applied voltage test
Power Frequency
withstand Voltage Test
Test Time 60 S
The Test Voltage(kV) HV50 / LV5
7Induced Over Voltage Withstand Test
Induced Over Voltage
Withstand Test(kV)
8、 Insulation Resistance test
location Insulation Resistance( M  Ω)    at 10℃ R60
HV-E >1500
LV-E >1500
9、 Other Information.
The Active Parts
Weight of Lifting
The Weight of Insulation Oil Total Weight The Temperature Rise of the
Oil Pressure
120 70 230 65K 50KV
10Leakage test  Routine
Test method Applied pressurekPa Durationh Residual pressurekPa Result
The static pressure
20 24 18 No leakage and no
11、 Outer inspection
The nameplate, sign, earthing terminal, and mark of terminal meet the requirement. There is no evidence of leakage.


Single Phase Transformer Packaging

single phase pole mounted transformer packaging
There are two packaging methods of single-phase transformers, one is wooden pallet packaging, and the other is wooden frame packaging.


If it is transported by the cabinet, it is usually packed with wooden frames, which are more stable and reliable.


In a 40-foot cabinet, a single-phase transformer with a capacity below 50kva can be equipped with 60 units; 75kVA single-phase transformer can be equipped with 48 units; 100 kVA single-phase transformer can be equipped with 36 units; 167 kVA single-phase transformer can be equipped with 21 units.


100 kVA Single Phase Transformer Diagram

100kva single phase transformer diagram

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