75kVA Single Phase Pole Mounted Transformer

  • Primary Voltage Ratings: 13.8 kV;12.47kV;2.4;7.2kV;14.4kV;24.94kV;34.5kV;27.6kV,ect
  • Secondary Voltage Ratings: 120/240V; 240/480V;347/600Y;277V;347V
  • H.V. TAP RANGE: 2280-36225V
  • TYPE: Conventional/CSP
  • BIL: 30-150kV
  • Standards: IEEE/ANSI/CSA/IEC/DOE
  • Application: Distribution,Ultilities

Daelim Transformer's ability to manufacture high-quality, multi-standard 75 kVA pole-mounted transformers. These transformers are single-phase and come with the prestigious UL/cUL certificate, ensuring their compliance with rigorous safety and quality standards. Moreover, the transformers have undergone testing and certification by CESI, a reputable international third-party authority, further validating their reliability and performance.Recognizing the importance of meeting customers' urgent requirements, Daelim Transformer maintains a ready supply of pole-mounted transformers with standard specifications readily available in stock. For detailed inventory information or any other inquiries, please directly contact Daelim Transformer.

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75 kVA pole mounted transformer specifications
Energy efficiency ANSI C57.12 No load loss 215W
Standard IEEE C57.12.20 On load loss 720W
Power rating 75 kVA Total loss 935W
HV Voltage 24.94kV Frequency 60Hz
LV Voltage 277/480YV Vectorgroup Ii0
HV BIL 125kV Color Grey
LV BIL 30kV Active part 260kg
Length 615mm Oil weight 103kg
Width 715mm Total weight 400kg
Height 1060mm Impedance 2.30%
Polarity Subtractive HV LV winding ALUMINUM

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75 kVA transformer accessoies
Standard accessory Optional accessory
HV Bushing Surge arrester
LV Bushing Current limiting fuse
Nameplate Low voltage circuit breaker
Support lug  Protecto combo
Tank ground DV
Pressure relief Protective link
Lift lug H2 Terminal
Cover clamp Tap changer

Notably, Daelim Transformer has successfully exported the 75 kVA pole mounted transformers to esteemed destinations such as the United States, Canada, Guyana, etc. The company ensures that these transformers are designed to meet the specific standards and regulations of each country, guaranteeing seamless integration and optimal functionality.

Now, let’s introduce three 75 kVA single phase pole mounted transformers in detail.

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75 kVA Single Phase Pole Mounted Transformer

75 kVA 24.94 kV Pole Mounted Transformer

75 kVA 24.94 kV Pole Mounted Transformer

The D-75-24.94/0.277-0.48Y is 75kVA single-phase pole mounted transformer manufactured by Daelim Transformer. These transformers are exported to Alabama, USA, meeting the stringent requirements of IEEE C57.12.20 standards and DOE 2016 efficiency.

The D-75-24.94/0.277-0.48Y with 21 units ordered by the customer. The 75 kVA transformer features a high voltage rate of 24940V and a low voltage configuration of 277/480Y V. Equipped with two high voltage bushings and two low voltage bushings, its low voltage is effectively grounded, guaranteeing safe operation.

The transformer comes with five levels of voltage regulation for the high voltage side, ranging from 23963V to 26187V, providing flexibility to adapt to different power requirements.

With a high voltage BIL of 125 kV and a low voltage BIL of 30kV, the D-75-24.94/0.277-0.48Y can handle voltage fluctuations and surge protection, ensuring enhanced reliability. Employing the ONAN cooling method.

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Daelim 75 kVA Pole Mounted Transformer

75 kVA 24.9kV Pole Mounted Transformer

75 kVA 24.9kV Pole Mounted Transformer

75 kVA 24.9kV Pole Mounted Transformer

75 kVA 24.9kV Pole Mounted Transformer

75 kVA 24.9kV Pole Mounted Transformer

75 kVA 24.9kV Pole Mounted Transformer

75 kVA Pole Mounted Transformer Test Report

Each of the 21 sets of 75 kVA pole mounted transformers purchased by our American customer undergoes a rigorous routine test before shipment, strictly adhering to the ANSI C57.12.20 standard. This comprehensive testing process is designed to ensure that every transformer meets the highest quality and safety standards.

75 kva transformer routine test report
The routine test comprises a series of critical evaluations:

Voltage Ratio Measurement and Connection Group Test: Precisely verifies the voltage ratio accuracy and ensures the correct connection group configuration.

Winding Resistance Test: Thoroughly examines the winding resistance to ensure the integrity and performance of the transformer's windings.

Insulation Resistance Measurement: Assesses the insulation quality to guarantee the transformer is effectively insulated against electrical leakage.

AC Power Withstand Voltage Test: Subjects the transformer to high voltage to assess its ability to withstand electrical stress during operation.

No Load Loss and No Load Current Test: Evaluates the transformer's energy efficiency and measures any losses during no-load operation.

Induced Pressure Test: Verifies the mechanical strength to ensure the transformer can withstand mechanical stress during operation.

Impedance (%) and Load Loss Test: Measures the transformer's impedance and evaluates its performance under load conditions.

Upon the successful completion of the routine test, a detailed routine test report is meticulously prepared for each individual transformer. This comprehensive report serves as a testament to the transformer's compliance with strict standards and its top-notch quality.

In the event of requiring transformer type tests or specialized projects, we welcome our customers to approach Daelim Transformer. With cutting-edge testing equipment and a team of highly skilled professionals, we have the capability to fulfill any specific testing requirements with the utmost precision and expertise.

75 kVA Pole Mounted Transformer

75 kVA 13.8 kV Pole Mounted Transformer

75 kVA 13.8 kV Pole Mounted Transformer

The D-75-13.8/0.12-0.24, is the single-phase pole mounted transformer made by Daelim Transformer and exported to Guyana. This transformer meet to the IEEE C57.12.20 and ANSI C57.12 standards.

With a power rating of 75 kVA, the D-75-13.8/0.12-0.24 features two high-voltage (HV) bushings and three low-voltage (LV) bushings, a five-position tap changer.

The transformer's on-load loss is measured at 215W, while the no-load loss is 720W, resulting in a total loss of 935W. This efficiency optimizes energy usage and minimizes wastage, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.

Weighing 400kg in total, the D-75-13.8/0.12-0.24 boasts a well-balanced construction. Of this weight, 103kg is attributed to the oil content, ensuring effective cooling and insulation, while the active part weighs 260kg, guaranteeing optimal performance. The 75 kVA transformer dimension is 710*610*1050 mm.

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75 kVA 2.4 kV Pole Mounted Transformer

The D-75-2.4/0.277-0.48Y is the single-phase pole mounted transformer crafted by Daelim Transformer for Canadian customers. This 75 kVA transformer features a primary voltage of 2.4 kV and a secondary voltage of 012/0.24 kV.

Designed to meet Canadian standards and regulations, the D-75-2.4/0.277-0.48Y is equipped with a high-voltage bushing, along with one H2 terminal and four low-voltage bushings. Ensuring safety and stability, the transformer's high/low voltage is effectively grounded, providing reliable performance.

Additionally, this transformer incorporates a 5-position tap changer on the high-voltage side, offering the flexibility to adjust the voltage ratio to meet varying load conditions, further enhancing its versatility and efficiency.

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75 kVA 2.4 kV Pole Mounted Transformer