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If you're planning to search for a 1500 kVA transformer price, you need to inform the supplier with some basic information about your specific needs. Daelim is a professional transformer manufacturer, and the overseas experienced transformer engineer team can customize any type of 1500kVA transformer. If you encounter problems with transformer technology, you can contact Daelim at any time. Daelim's technical team will give you a satisfactory solution.

In this guide, we will discuss where you can locate a 1500 kVA transformer price with its corresponding weight and amps. We will also take a look at the 1600 kVA transformer price. 

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1500kVA Dry Transformer
1500kVA Dry Transformer
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1500kVA Pad Mounted Transformer
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1500kVA Substation Transformer
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What is a 1500kva transformer?

A 1500kva transformer usually refers to apparent power (transformer capacity) of 1500kva. Usually, its active power is 1200kw. Mostly used in power distribution systems, power transformers that can directly supply power to end-users. The high voltage of the transformer generally does not exceed 35kv.

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Types of 1500kva transformer

1500kva 3 phase pad mounted transformer


1500kva 3 phase pad mounted transformer load switch, backup fuse, and other components are put into the fuel tank together. This kind of transformer is compact in structure, anti-corrosion, and dust-proof, easy to install and maintain. Usually installed on the cement platform, it is widely used in residential areas, shopping malls, industries, and encrypted mining farms.

1500kva pad-mounted transformer has dead front and live front type. The dead front has one outlet, live front type has two outlets. Whether it is dead front transformer or live front transformer, they can have loop feed or radial feed. You can choose according to your needs.

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1500kva substation transformer

1500kva substation transformer is usually used in skid mounted substation. This type of transformer is widely used in North America and Australia. The radiators on both sides, terminal box, etc. are usually designed as detachable units. The high voltage of the substation transformer generally does not exceed 44kv, and the maximum capacity is 15mva.

Daelim is known for exporting substation transformers to North America & Australia in significant quantities. These transformers are designed with environmental protection in mind and utilize vegetable oils, which have eco-friendly properties. Daelim offers a wide range of capacities for substation transformers, including 1500 kVA, 1000 kVA, 2500 kVA, 3000 kVA, 5000 kVA, 5 MVA, 7.5 MVA, 10 MVA, and 20 MVA transformers.

One of the key advantages of Daelim transformers is their short production cycle, ensuring efficient manufacturing processes. The company also maintains high-quality standards, producing reliable and durable transformers. Additionally, Daelim focuses on fast transportation, enabling timely delivery of their transformers to customers. Overall, Daelim's substation transformers are designed to meet the specific requirements of the North America and Australian market and offer efficient and sustainable power distribution solutions.

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1500kva dry type transformer

The iron core and winding of the 1500kva dry-type transformer are not immersed in insulating oil. The cooling medium is air, and the main insulating material is epoxy resin. It has the characteristics of fireproof, explosion-proof, moisture-proof, environmental protection, and safety. Widely used in local lighting, high-rise buildings, airports, docks, and other places. The 1500kva transformer can only be installed indoors, and the insulation grade of the dry transformer can be A, E, B, F, and H according to your requirements, and the shell can be customized for the dry transformer.

1500kva oil immersed transformer1500kva-oil-immersed-transformer

1500kva oil immersed transformer is an oil-filled transformer. Generally used in transmission and distribution lines, its voltage regulating switch can be loaded or unloaded. This type of transformer is very cost-effective, and more than 70% of the power grid uses oil-immersed transformers. Oil-immersed transformers can only be installed outdoors.

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What are the factors that affect the price of a 1500kva transformer?

There are many factors that affect the cost and price of a 1500kva transformer. Here are the following three:

1.1500kva transformer Core material

At present, the main 1500kva transformers, we produce mainly have two kinds of iron cores. Conventional grain-oriented silicon steel core, and customer-specified amorphous alloy core.

The price of the amorphous alloy is relatively high, but at the same time, it has the characteristics of low loss better than conventional silicon steel sheet transformers.

In the case of a sufficient budget, the lower the loss, the more comprehensive electricity bills can be saved for the owner in the long run. But at the same time, the performance of the silicon steel sheet iron core is not bad, the price is economical and durable, and all product parameters and performance also meet international standards. , which is also the most widely used reason for the use of silicon steel sheet iron core transformers.

Therefore, there are usually the following types of raw materials for silicon steel sheets.

(1) Hot-rolled silicon steel sheet is specially used for an electrician

The hot-rolled silicon steel sheet is made of ferrosilicon soft magnetic alloy with ultra-low carbon loss content as the raw material, and then hot-rolled into a thin sheet with a smaller thickness. Therefore, this hot-rolled silicon steel sheet for electrical purposes is also widely recognized as a hot-rolled silicon steel sheet. These are mainly divided into two types of steel sheets according to the amount of silicon content, low silicon steel sheets, and high silicon steel sheets.

(2) Cold-rolled silicon steel sheets are specially used for electricians

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Another type of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet that is also dedicated to electricians

Cold-rolled silicon steel sheets are mainly divided into two types, one is non-oriented grain and the other is grain oriented. Therefore, this makes the cold-rolled silicon steel sheet steel strip tidier, uniform in thickness, multi-coefficient stacked layers, and other characteristics. The most important thing is that it has higher magnetic induction and lower iron loss than hot-rolled silicon steel sheets, and the level of iron loss is a factor that we attach great importance to in the production of transformers, and it directly affects the performance of transformers. Therefore, compared with hot rolling, when we produce transformers, we prefer to use cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, and the weight and volume of raw materials used are less and lighter than hot rolling, which saves production costs to a certain extent. Therefore the value of the overall transformer power consumption can be reduced by at least 50% which makes the product more reliable.

(3) The last one is a household hot-rolled silicon steel sheet

The household type has a fixed size and model, and the electromagnetic performance and overall performance requirements of the silicon steel sheet itself will be lower. The iron loss value also has a minimum value to ensure the safety of direct use. Therefore, we can see household-type hot-rolled silicon steel sheets used in common household appliances, such as electric fans and vacuum cleaners. This also enables us to understand them more deeply. It is all around us.

2.1500kva transformer Core material winding material

Transformer windings are mainly divided into two types of windings, copper windings, and aluminum windings. As for how to choose when purchasing a transformer, it mainly depends on the requirement of the engineer when designing. In the absence of special requirements for winding materials, we generally use aluminum winding materials. Compared with copper, aluminum will be more economical and more widely used. The electrical conductivity of transformers made of copper windings will be better, and if the secondary recycling of transformers is comprehensively considered, the recycled copper in the international environment will be more valuable than aluminum.

Here is a special explanation for a phenomenon. If we review the reasons for many power accidents, the problem of transformer manufacturers replacing copper windings with aluminum windings has always existed. This does not mean that aluminum winding transformers have potential safety hazards, but that we prevent owners from explicitly using copper windings. The material of the winding is guaranteed, and the supplier cuts corners and uses aluminum windings in order to reduce costs. Questions of principle will not be tolerated.

So what harm will the use of aluminum strip copper bring?

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This phenomenon is directly understood that transformer manufacturers use aluminum or aluminum alloy windings, copper-clad aluminum materials, instead of all-copper windings in production, and at the same time, they are not truthfully displayed and marked on the nameplate.

(1) This phenomenon is also an illegal and criminal activity from the perspective of China. Potential and actual hazard to our public safety. Transformers are generally used in public places with many people and dense buildings. If there is an electrical danger in these places, such as an occasional explosion that causes a fire, this will cause significant damage to the property of the surrounding people, which is an abnormal disaster.

(2) Whether it is in the Belt and Road policy or the transformers sent to developed countries, as a responsible manufacturers, we must lead by example, take an arduous task, give full play to the quality of Chinese suppliers, and reject this phenomenon, as small as maintaining corporate reputation, as large as Maintain the country's image.

(3 At the same time, this phenomenon will also be the rapid depreciation and shrinkage of energy projects in the industry. Bottomless low cost will inevitably bring lasting high risk. This is a dangerous ticking time bomb for every transformer manufacturer and government project.

3.1500kva transformer special losses request

Transformer losses are another important factor affecting cost. We first understand that the loss can be understood as the loss of the transformer when it is running and statically transmitting and distributing energy after it is energized, and this loss can be understood as two types of dust, one is copper loss, the other is the iron loss. Copper losses are on-load losses, which are caused directly by the coil resistance. When the current passes through the resistance and the temperature increases, a lot of electrical energy is converted into thermal energy, and thermal energy means loss and loss of electrical energy. More literally, because the coil is formed by winding the copper material coil with insulating properties, we call it a copper loss.

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More copper use means lower losses and higher prices. The iron loss is mainly the loss generated by the silicon steel sheet when the transformer is idling, that is, the air loss. No matter what kind of wear and tear, the owner should pay attention to it when purchasing. For example, in the bidding projects of some governments or institutions, there are clear requirements for the wear and tear, not only within the requirements of international standards but also consider the TOL is The total cost of loss, because it will affect the electricity consumption of the end customer, is also a decision parameter that is very important to the owner when bidding. Under the premise of controllable costs, the lower the loss, the more beneficial to the owner.

In addition, when we discuss iron loss, there are mainly two points: the first is that when the input electrical energy passes through the transformer, the magnitude and direction of the female linear energy passing through the transformer core changes, so that its internal molecules will rub against each other, releases more temperature and energy, and consumes part of the electricity.

The other is that when the transformer keeps running, there are magnetic wires in the silicon steel sheet that can pass through, so there will be an induced current in the vertical direction, and then such current will form a closed loop, and it is a vortex shape, annular flow. The continuous occurrence of this flow will cause the iron core to heat up, which generates and consumes energy.

Also here we can specifically discuss loss-related efficiency values and loss tolerances.

Whether in IEC, IEEE, CSA, AS, or any international transformer standard, there are clear requirements for the loss value, which is also to maximize the reduction of the overall performance of the transformer due to the loss problem. Generally, the smaller the efficiency value and the smaller the loss tolerance, the smaller the loss value, the better the overall performance of the transformer, and the higher the overall cost.

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So this means that especially when the customer has specified loss requirements, or does not allow loss tolerances, the transformer supplier must strictly control the loss design and increase the cost to control the overall transformer performance balance.

What is the weight of a 1500 KVA transformer?

1500kva 3 phase pad mounted transformer weight is about 5800kg.

1500kva substation transformer weight is about

1500kva dry type transformer weight is about 5000kg.

1500kva oil immersed transformer weight is about 4000kg.

1500 kva transformer dimensions

1500kva 3 phase pad mounted transformer dimension








1500kva substation transformer dimension

High Depth Width
1800mm 870mm 1880mm


1500kva dry type transformer dimension

High Depth Length
2000mm 900mm 1600mm


1500kva oil immersed transformer dimension

High Depth Length
1860mm 860mm 1960mm


1500 KVA transformer specification

1500kva 3 phase pad mounted transformer specification

No-load loss(w) On-load loss(w) Impedance
1640 14500 4.50%


1500kva substation transformer specification

Standard Primary Voltage Ratings













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1500kva dry type transformer specification

No-load loss(w)

On-load loss(w)






1500kva oil immersed transformer specification

No-load loss(w) On-load loss(w) Impedance
1580 14000 4.50%

What Is The Standard 1500 kVA Transformer Price?

A 1500 kVA transformer price starts at $980 and goes all the way up to $1,100.00.

It is available from several manufacturers at prices ranging from $2,999.00 to $7,900.00. In addition to 1500 kVA transformer cost, 

some of the suppliers offer lifetime guarantees.

However, the most expensive one you can acquire would cost anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000.

Before purchasing, take note of the following factors 1500 kVA transformer's weight and amps. 

A 1500 kVA transformer weight is 10,300 pounds. In addition, it is 89 inches broad and 73 inches tall. 

It is important to bear in mind that a 1500 kVA transformer amps power rating is 12,500 amps at 120 volts.

At Daelim, you may acquire a 1500 kVA pad mounted transformer price for the low price of $13600-$19800.

You can rest assured that ANSI, IEEE, and CSA standards are technically proven during the design and manufacturing processes of 1500 kVA transformers.

How Do I Buy A 1500 kVA Transformer?

First, you figure out how many kVA the transformer needs based on how much power it needs to handle. 

After that, you decide on the transformer's technical specs and guaranteed technical details.

In this case, you'll be needing a 1500 kVA transformer. You need to determine the 1500 kVA pad mounted transformer price at this stage.

Most important is to find a middle ground on the transformer's power losses. 

The higher the power losses, the lower the initial cost of the equipment, but the higher the operating costs and the more maintenance it will need.

Then, look at the rating of your transformer to figure out what kinds of protection it will need.

Clear up your technical specs first, and then choose your manufacturer based on those specifications. Get quotes and negotiate well to get the best deal.

What Are The Specifications To Consider Before Buying A 1500 kVA Transformer?

In buying a 1500 kVA transformer, here are the factors you should keep in mind.

The most basic requirements of a 1500 kVA transformer are:

Maximum loading

If you think this transformer will have to withstand overloads for a long time, will the rating of 1500 kVA allow for that? 

The specs should detail the expected loads.


Core or shell type?

Oil or dry type?

Single phase or three phase?

Pad mounted or small substation?

Ambient Temperature

Will the highest possible rating be generally achieved at the highest possible temperature in your region? 

The transformer's lifespan may be usually shortened if it isn't designed to handle the severe heat of the environment in all its applications.

Service Life

In your estimation, how long will the transformer last? The average lifespan is 25 years.


How powerful of a transformer do you need? The losses will reduce the life of the transformer and will cost you money.

Environmental Factors

The operating environment of the 1500kva transformer needs to be considered, such as altitude, whether anti-corrosion, anti-seismic, etc. are required. These factors are related to the technical design requirements of the transformer and the price of the transformer.


A 1500 kVA transformer weight is highly factored into the final price, which helps electrical contractors and transformer distributors break even or make a profit.


High-quality and long-lasting transformers can help you achieve economic performance. Not choosing the supplier with the lowest price is the best.


While identical volt rates are necessary, a 1500 kVA transformer amps rating is acceptable. This is not an indication of the actual current that will deliver by the power supply.

Voltage/ BIL requirements

What minimum and maximum voltages will you need? 

The IEEE specifies minimum BIL levels, although certain voltage classes have several BIL levels, thus if the transformer needs a higher or lower BIL level.

Phase Spacing/Clearance Requirements

Specify the minimum distances that must exist between the phase bushings if the electrical clearances in the design are insufficient.

Winding Requirements

What's better, a delta or a wye? Do you need a grounded wye if you go with a wye? Is a tertiary (usually delta) winding requisite?

Type of Insulation

What's better, a dry type or an oil saturated one? Which types of winding insulation are appropriate?

Testing Requirements

Standardized manufacturer testing procedures may be usually gleaned from IEEE C57. The specifications must be clear about the necessity for extra testing.

Shipping Necessities

Where and how should we send the transformer? It is important to have a method of contact.

Other Requirements

Include verified test results, final design drawings, and instruction manuals. 

As well as everything else that may be necessary for the project, including any onsite assistance that the manufacturer has to provide.

Other Accessories

Information on the bushing material, surge arrestors, winding material, and any necessary alarms or monitoring devices should be also included. 

What Is The Standard 1600 kVA Transformer Price?

In terms of costs, a 1600 kVA transformer price can range anywhere from $6800 up to $30,000.

At medium rates, a 1600 kVA transformer price can cost between $8900 to $26990. 

On the other hand, the most expensive one you could buy would set you back anything from $26,000 to $50,000. It depends on the transformer brand, voltage level, material, accessories and technical requirements, etc.

When you pay these high prices, you can be comfortable that you will receive a product of excellent quality, along with improved energy efficiency and protection for the environment.

On the other hand, you may get a 1600 kVA transformer from Daelim for the reasonable price of $15600–36800.

Dry-type transformers and oil-immersed transformers are two examples of the several types of 1600 kVA transformers that Daelim has available for purchase.

Generally, a 1600 kVA transformer weight is 4340 kilograms and a height of 1840 millimeters. It has a power rating of 13,333 amps when operating at 120 volts.

Can You Buy Your Own 1500 kVA Transformer?

Yes, but only if you know how much voltage and current each coil can safely handle.

A new 1500 kVA transformer can be usually obtained from your power company, or an old one can be practically owned by you. 

Depending on the transformer's age, size, and condition, the manufacturer can provide you with a pricing estimate.

As a matter of fact, if you own a 1500 kVA transformer, the reduced service voltage rate can result in a cheaper monthly demand price. 

Because every company has different requirements for safety, productivity, and dependability, having the freedom to choose your own tools is a bonus.

Who Else Would Consider Buying a 1500 kVA Transformer?

Individuals, utility companies, and big industrial manufacturers can buy and purchase 1500 kVA transformers.

Strategic Business Planning

You need a strategy to ensure that your company can keep performing at its current level. 

Many transformers that are usually utilized in such applications have a design life of 25 years or more. 

This is in accordance with their specifications and at maximum load.

Distribution Expenses

Your distribution charge will reflect the utility company's demand rate. 

You should be able to justify the purchase of a 1500 kVA transformer based on the demand rate difference. 

These are service voltages provided by your local energy tariff.

High Intensity of Transformer Use

One measure of how effectively your company operates is how often it uses 1500 kVA transformers. 

Even at full capacity, your peak load is just half of the transformer's maximum capacity. 

Your business probably uses an overworked transformer to supply the energy it needs. 

Investing in a transformer is now financially sustainable due to the rise in demand.

Why Are 1500 kVA Transformers Price So Expensive?

1500 kVA transformers are expensive due to the rising costs of copper, core, iron, transformer oil, and insulating materials. 

At the same time, other factors like experienced engineers, and inventories of the manufacturing process all add up to the price. 

Because of this, the total price tag is generally eaten up by the price of raw materials like rare earth metals used in energy storage batteries. 

Wire Material and Measurements 

The amount of copper is a significant component in determining the cost of a 1500 kVA transformer. 

The quantity of copper in the transformer establishes its selling price. 

The insulation on the wire allows it to be generally used for winds with a low turn count, lowering the overall cost. 

In most cases, an expensive wire has a higher current carrying capability but the same price. 

In addition, the cost of wire is directly proportional to its length and diameter. Therefore, the cost of reinforced insulated wires increases as their diameter grows.

Lead Connectors

Connectors that are typically used in flying lead configurations are not tethered to the wires permanently at either end. 

As these connections lower the size of the bobbins necessary for long rail systems, they account for a major amount of the overall cost. 

Flying lead connections must be then inserted into the board by hand, which increases manufacturing time and labor costs.

Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing transformers take extreme caution. 

As with any work involving electricity, caution must be always exercised while wrapping insulated wires. 

In terms of quality and dependability, nothing beats coils made by engineers' hands due to the care and attention given to each one. 

Overall, the need for soldering a 1500 kVA transformer increases the cost.

Margin Tape

Margin tapes are frequently used to calculate the correct clearance whenever the wind is present. 

The production process would be incomplete without this, much like soldering. 

According to studies, nearly 75% of the cost to manufacture a transformer is due to the restricted availability and highly fluctuating cost of steel, copper, and oil.

As a result, copper shortage and increasing demand have greatly increased the cost of wires.

Is It Worth It To Buy A 1500 kVA Transformer?

Yes, purchasing a 1500 kVA transformer is a good idea. 

It has a variety of uses in the business world, including warehouses, electrical closets, subsurface vaults, and factories.

Steel mills, offshore platforms, commercial and military facilities, industrial facilities, and power grids are all potential applications.

Generally, 1500 kVA transformers have a long lifespan and a high efficiency rate. 

Also, the upfront cost of a high-efficiency, low-maintenance transformer is greater.

In most cases, a highly efficient transformer has a lower initial cost. 

However, the economic benefits of upgrading to a conventional transformer should be also considered during a period of capital investment.

Transformer manufacturers play a crucial role in reducing manufacturing costs and maximizing efficiency to provide a low-loss transformer to the client at a reasonable price.

Lastly, the total cost of ownership formulas allows buyers to calculate the true worth of the transformer over a range of efficiency and price tags.

Where To Buy A 1500 kVA and 1600 kVA Transformers In 2023?

Daelim is the place to go if you're looking for high-quality 1500 kVA and 1600 kVA transformers. 

When searching for power transformers, it is important to find a recognized manufacturer such as Daelim. 

 With us, you know you will receive a high-quality, trustworthy product.

Daelim offers the best total value to its customers by striking a good balance between initial and recurring expenditures.

Currently, Daelim is the leading power transformer manufacturer in China.

1500 kVA and 1600 kVA transformers are highly constructed using cutting-edge equipment, premium materials, and innovative methods.

To ensure our power transformers last for years without needing frequent maintenance, we pay close attention to every step of the manufacturing process.

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