How much do you know about oil-immersed distribution transformers?

Oil-immersed distribution transformer applications


Oil-immersed distribution transformer widely used in 10kV distribution network. It is used in power systems with low load rates: rural towns, oil fields, and domestic electricity. Applicable to all kinds of electric power and special power distribution fields. It is more suitable for places with large shock loads, large load fluctuations, frequent load changes, and frequent shock loads.

oil immersed distribution transformer

  1. Oil-immersed distribution transformer applications
  2. Oil-immersed distribution transformer features
  3. Oil-immersed distribution transformer power ratings
  4. High overload transformer

            4.1 Application Environmental Conditions

            4.2 Design Features

            4.3 Structural features

            4.4Performance characteristics

  1. Automatic capacity and voltage regulation intelligent transformer
  2. Wound iron core vegetable oil transformer
  3. Maintenance-free on-load transformer
  4. Digital maintenance-free distribution transformer


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Oil-immersed distribution transformer features


Oil-immersed distribution transformer has high reliability, low loss, low noise, low temperature rise, and direct network use, which can fully meet the industry's high power supply quality and is maintenance-free. Low no-load loss, low no-load current; small stray loss, low heat generation; lower overall cost (selling price + operating cost) than conventional distribution transformers, and long life


Oil-immersed distribution transformer power ratings


30~2500kVA various models and a full range of products


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S13-M(F)-200/10GZ high overload transformer

high overload transformer

High overload distribution transformers use high temperature resistant insulating materials and high temperature resistant insulating oils. On the basis of the normal temperature rise test requirements, they can meet the requirements of 1.5 times the rated capacity for 6 hours (3 hours for each of the load rising and falling stages), and 1.75 times the rated capacity for 3 hours (load rising). 1.5h each in the descending stage and 2 times the rated capacity for 1h in stages, which can solve the problem of safe and stable power supply during the Spring Festival and busy agricultural seasons in rural areas, and at the same time ensure the economical operation of distribution transformers in rural areas. It is suitable for places with strong seasonal electricity consumption, large load fluctuation, concentrated electricity consumption, and low annual average load rate.


1. Application Environmental Conditions


Ambient temperature: -40℃~+40, maximum daily temperature difference: 25K


Environmental humidity: monthly average: 90%, daily average: 95%, wind speed: 35m/s


Altitude: 2000m, Seismic Intensity: 8 degrees, Pollution Level: Class IV


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2. Design Features


A. The ultra-low temperature rise design is adopted to ensure that the temperature rise of each part does not exceed the limit value when the product runs under high overload conditions.


B. Use high temperature resistant insulating materials, and all high-temperature parts use high temperature resistant insulating materials to ensure that the average temperature rise of the winding and the temperature rise of the hottest spot does not exceed the allowable temperature rise limit of the insulating material when the product is overloaded, so as to ensure that the product will not be in the Rapid loss of life or thermal breakdown of insulation due to severe overheating occurs at specified overload times.


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C. Adopt rapid heat dissipation structure design to ensure that the product achieves rapid heat dissipation structure design scheme, and fully consider the thermal expansion factor of insulating oil volume under high overload.


D.Use high-temperature-resistant oil seal products.


3. Structural features


A. The transformer type is three-phase, double-winding, oil-immersed, self-cooling, low-loss, low-noise outdoor type.


B. S11 and S13 series transformers, the transformer iron core is made of high-quality oriented silicon steel sheet with high magnetic permeability and low loss. When using stacked iron cores, it adopts the structure of full oblique joints, no-hole binding, and channel steel clip structure, which reduces the no-load loss.


C. Amorphous alloy high-overload transformer iron core adopts domestic high-quality amorphous alloy strip with soft magnetic properties, and the iron core adopts suspension type, which is not stressed.


D. All winding materials are made of domestic high-quality red copper, and the insulating materials are designed to meet the F-class insulation and heat resistance level. The transformer meets the characteristics of reliable and stable operation under twice the overload condition. At any tap position, it can withstand the short-circuit current specified by the national standard without damage or displacement.


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E. All leads are wrapped with insulation, and the switch and oil sample valve, and other components are designed with a double sealing structure.


F. The insulating oil adopts special oil for high overload transformers. The flashpoint and ignition point are higher than the F insulation heat resistance grade of the transformer. The structure of the oil tank meets the volume expansion factor of the insulating liquid under high overload.


G.It is most suitable for places with strong seasonal electricity consumption, large load fluctuation, concentrated electricity consumption, and low annual average load rate.


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4. Performance characteristics


A. Good technical and economic performance, low temperature rise, and strong overload capacity: On the basis of normal temperature rise requirements, it can meet 1.5 times the rated capacity for 6 hours (3 hours for each of the load rising and falling stages), and 1.75 times the rated capacity for 3 hours (load rising and falling). Each stage is 1.5h), 2.0 times the rated capacity for 1h, and it runs continuously in stages without affecting the normal service life of the transformer. The temperature rise meets the F-class insulation limit value, which can effectively meet the actual needs.


B. Long service life: The transformer adopts a fully sealed corrugated oil tank structure to meet the thermal expansion factor of the insulating liquid volume under high overload. When the transformer is packaged, the vacuum oil injection process is used to completely remove the moisture in the transformer oil tank. After sealing, the transformer does not come into contact with the air, which can effectively prevent oxygen and moisture from entering the transformer and cause the insulation performance to decline (insulation material and oil aging). It can reach 20 years of oil-free sample test.


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High operational reliability: The relevant parts of the oil tank seal are improved to increase the reliability and improve the technological level to ensure the reliability of the seal and ensure the safe operation of the transformer.



S13-MZT 630/10 automatic capacity and voltage regulation intelligent transformer


As a new type of equipment to reduce the loss of distribution and transformation, the automatic capacity and voltage regulation intelligent transformer have functions such as automatic capacity adjustment and automatic voltage regulation. The transformer can automatically adjust the voltage level, and also automatically adjust the capacity according to the load size, and automatically adjust to Small capacity (1/3 of rated capacity) operation, its no-load loss is greatly reduced at light load, taking into account energy-saving economy and operation safety.


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SW13-MRL-1000/10 wound iron core vegetable oil transformer


The wound core vegetable oil distribution transformer is a high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe, and reliable transformer product. It combines the excellent energy-saving effect of the wound core with the reliable safety and environmental protection performance of vegetable oil, so that the operating life, safety performance, and environmental protection performance of the transformer are greatly improved. improve;


The transformer adopts a three-dimensional wound core structure, which greatly reduces the no-load loss and noise level, and has strong short-circuit resistance. At the same time, the high ignition point (360 ) characteristics of vegetable oil can effectively avoid economic losses and secondary disasters caused by transformer explosions and fires.


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S13-MS13-630/10 Maintenance-free on-load transformer

maintenance-free on-load distribution transformer

The maintenance-free on-load voltage regulating distribution transformer adopts a new generation of special on-load voltage regulating switches for distribution transformers and is equipped with an automatic voltage regulating intelligent controller, which has real-time monitoring and remote control of the operating status of the transformer and realizes automatic control of the distribution network station area. Function; the product can automatically change the voltage regulation tap position step by step according to the voltage change, and at the same time ensure the continuity of vacuum arc extinguishing and low voltage side power supply during the switching process.


S13-MZN-2500/10 digital maintenance-free distribution transformer


The digital distribution transformer integrates the sensing technology with the transformer. By monitoring the key parameters of the transformer such as voltage, current, oil temperature, ambient temperature, pressure, hydrogen, micro-water, and other parameters related to operation control, it can realize on-site digital measurement and control. Transmission, with transformer overcurrent, overvoltage self-protection, power failure alarm, anti-theft alarm, and other functions. Combined with the transformer intelligent operation and maintenance platform, this product can provide comprehensive equipment status evaluation, fault analysis, fault judgment, and fault early warning services to achieve stable operation of the distribution network.


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