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Power Transformer is necessary for modern human society, to transfer the high voltage power from power plant, to low voltage power for industry, public utilities, data centers, etc... 

We were talking about power transformer business in USA, Canada, Latin American markets before, today we are going to learn more about another market of Daelim Belefic: Australia market. 

Daelim Belefic can design and produce power transformer based on multiple standards, from ANSI/IEEE, CSA, to IEC, GOST, also include AS/NZS standards for electrical transformers Australia. 

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Why We Need Power Transformer
Power Industry In Australia
Power Transformer Business In Australia
Where To Buy Power Transformer In Australia

1.Why We Need Power Transformer

If we call the world economy as a human body, the electric power will be the muscle of this body. Electric power up human society and move forward since the Second Industrial Revolution. Even now the new energy technology is growing up, it still needs to change to electric power to use for human society.

Under this background, power transformer, also called an electrical transformer, becomes the core of the whole power industry, even the core of the whole human economy. 

The electric power from the power plant has a very high voltage, from 300kV to 1000kV. This kind of high voltage can not be directly used by our electrical equipment. The electric power we use is low voltage such as 220V, 415/240V, 230V, etc... 

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So how do we transfer the high voltage from the power plant to the low voltage for our electrical equipment?

The power system is divided into three major components: generation, transmission, and distribution. Electric power comes out of the power plant, will transfer to higher voltage into the transmission system first, then move to step-down substations, transfer to the low voltage by step-down transformers. To power up our electrical equipments. 

In the power distribution system, there are substation transformers and distribution transformers. Distribution transformers include oil immersed transformers and dry type transformers. Daelim Belefic can produce both of these two types for the international market. 

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2.Power Industry In Australia

The Australian grid consists of eight states or territories with their own grids. The Eastern Interconnection is a large electricity market formed by the interconnection of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia grids through interstate 500kV tie lines. There are also two independent grids in Western Australia - the South West Grid, the North West Grid, and the Northern Territory Regional Grid.

As of January 2020, Australia's total installed power capacity is about 48GW (from the Australian energy regulator AER). With the gradual withdrawal of old coal power and the increasing proportion of new energy, the Australian grid is now approaching the upper limit of new energy access. There have been cases of new energy rationing in some areas. In addition, given the large proportion of residential photovoltaics in Australia, a clear duck-shaped demand curve has emerged. That is, when the photovoltaic power generation peaks at noon, the demand decreases, and the peak power consumption occurs in the morning and evening during the period of no light or weak light. BNEF predicts that Australia will surpass Germany to become the leader of the global distributed power system in 2024. By then, Australia's distributed power generation installed capacity will account for 21.7% of the total installed capacity. By 2040, the proportion of distributed power installed capacity in Australia will reach 44.6%.

In 2016, the power generation amounted to 258.6 billion kWh, of which 62.9% came from coal power, 18.5% from natural gas, 2.3% from fuel oil, and 16.2% from renewable energy (including 6.9% hydropower, 5% wind power, and 2.7% rooftop photovoltaics). Electricity generation increased by 0.3% in 2017.

There are two independent electricity markets in Australia: the National Electricity Market (NEM) and the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM). In addition, northern and remote northern WA are powered by various small systems.

Western Australia's main grid is the South West Interconnection System (SWIS), which operates in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM). The installed capacity is 6GW, mainly coal, natural gas, and oil-fired power generation. The total electricity consumption in 2011/12 is 18 billion kWh. Although the wholesale electricity market has broken the vertical integration model, the production (verve company), transmission and distribution (Western Electric Power Company), and sales (synergy company) are still dominated by state-owned companies. Electric energy transactions are conducted through contracts, and the real-time balancing mechanism and capacity credit market are run by independent market institutions. On the retail side, only users with an annual consumption of more than 50MWh have the right to choose suppliers, and retail electricity prices for residential and commercial users are regulated by the state government.

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3.Power Transformer Business In Australia

In the power distribution system, we have 2 type of transformer products. Substation transformer and distribution transformer. Let’s have a deeper look at the transformer industry in Australia. 

Substation Transformer: 

Transformers of the substation type are commonly used in power substations, factories, data centers, mining farms, etc. They have a large electricity demand, so they need transformers with large capacities, large sizes, and high voltages. 

Substation transformer, also known as substation transformer for short, is a total step-down transformer used primarily to transmit and transform power in a unit or substation. Substation transformer is the core part of a substation. Transformers are essential equipment of the electric locomotive traction power supply system, and they are also essential equipment to assure traction power supply system stability and safety.

Generally, main transformers have large capacities and must be highly reliable. Even though the substation transformer is not likely to fail often, when it does, it will cause substantial losses. It may cause equipment failure if it is light; if it is serious, it will cause a fire and threaten transportation safety. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the fault causes of the transformer and to take the appropriate preventive measures.

Substation transformer will be designed based on AS/NZS standard, for Australia and New Zealand use. 

For high voltage substation transformer, Daelim Belefic can produce up to 235kV, 200MVA. 

Click here to know more about Daelim power substation transformer. 


Distribution Transformer: 

Distribution Transformer is a very important part of the electric distribution system. 

Transformers used in distribution systems are static electrical equipment that converts specified voltages and currents into other or several different voltages and currents with the same frequency. As an alternating current is applied to the primary winding, an alternating magnetic flux is generated and an alternating electromotive force is produced in the secondary winding due to the magnetic permeability of the iron core. The secondary induced electromotive force is proportional to the number of turns of the primary and secondary windings. Its primary function is to transmit electrical energy since its rated capacity is its most important parameter. Generally, the rated capacity is a customary way to measure power, which is the size of the transmitted electrical energy, expressed in kVA or MVA. With the rated voltage applied to the transformer, the rated current is determined that does not exceed the temperature rise limit under specified conditions. The amorphous alloy iron core distribution transformer is the most energy-efficient power transformer, and one of its biggest advantages is its low no-load loss value. Whether the no-load loss value can be finally guaranteed is the core issue to be considered in the entire design process. When arranging the product structure, in addition to considering that the amorphous alloy core itself is not affected by external force, the characteristic parameters of the amorphous alloy must be selected accurately and reasonably during the calculation.

In the Australia market, Daelim has different types of distribution transformers:

Mini substation transformer: Mini substations are prefabricated electrical equipment units that include medium voltage and medium voltage switchgear, power and distribution transformers, low voltage switchboards, connection busbars, and other accessories.

A small substation is a self-contained substation; it is a safe, portable, and space-saving design concept.

Design Capability: 
Carbon steel, optional stainless steel tank
Capacity: 750kVA ~ 150,000kVA
Primary Voltage: 34.5kV or others
Secondary Voltage: 208V ~ 13,800V
Bushings: Top-mounted / Side-mounted
Insulation Fluids: Mineral Oil, optional Vegetable Oil
Standards: AS/NZS

Standard Feature:
Reduce high voltage or transmission levels to distribution voltage
Decreased to sub-transmission voltages, which are frequently employed in industrial applications.
Typically, step-down mini substation transformers are positioned at various points along with an electrical network. 
Connect various components of the network that serve as a source of distribution lines or sub-transmission.
Capable of converting transmission voltages to sub-transmission voltages.
Additionally, these modified voltage lines can be used to power micro-distribution substations. 
Additionally, there are instances where power is drawn from the transmission line to utilize industrial capacity.
Improve the voltage levels of generators at power plants so that electricity can flow more easily.

                                                                                            Daelim Substation Transformer

Standard Accessories:
Insulating mineral oil
60 Hertz operation
Externally operated de-energized tap changer with (2) 2.5% full capacity taps above and below nominal
65° C average winding rise
Side-mounted bushings
HV and LV flange connections
Pressure-vacuum gauge
Top filter press valve provision
Liquid level gauge
Liquid temperature gauge
Pressure test valve
Grounding pad
Drain / filter valve with sampling device
Tank lifting lugs
Corrosion resistant nameplate
ANSI 61 paint finish, 5 mils thickness
ANSI 70 paint finish, 5 mils thickness
Hydran provision (above 7.5 MVA)

Optional Accessories:
High-fire point fluid, such as silicone, hydrocarbon, or vegetable fluids. (up to 10 MVA)
55° C 55/65° C average winding rise
Forced air cooling
Forced air cooling with 2 stages (from 7.5 MVA and up to 15 MVA)
Future fan wiring and control
Removable radiators
Pressure relief device
Winding temperature device
Sudden pressure relay with or without seal in
Devices with alarm contacts
Top filter press valve
HV & LV air terminal compartments
HV lightning arresters in ATC
Current transformers
Neutral grounding resistor
Special impedances
Low losses
Special environment (i.e: classified areas)
Special / low sound level
50 Hertz
Seismic zone III and IV
IBC/CBC certified product line up to 5 MVA
Retrofit to specific dimensions
Non-standard loading conditions such as harmonic loading or specified K-factor
Stainless steel removable radiators
Galvanized steel removable radiators
Special paint for marine ambient
Special paint thickness
Special colors
Other special features upon request

Each transformer receives all standard commercial tests
in accordance with latest revision of designed standard, with
test reports available by serial number of the transformer.
Routine tests include:
Resistance tests of all windings
Ratio tests on the rated voltage and all tap connections
Polarity and phase relation tests at rated voltage
No load loss at rated voltage
Exciting current at rated voltage
Impedance and load losses
Applied voltage test
Induced voltage test
Full wave impulse test

Click here to learn more about Daelim Mini Substation Transformer. 

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4.Where To Buy Power Transformers In Australia? 

Power Transformer is not a cheap equipment, not a simple equipment. Before make the purchase order, must pick a trusted manufacturer, to make sure their design, production, testing, shipping, warranty are all good. 

1). First we should check their project experience in Australia. 

If a manufacturer has good experience in Australia local market, their engineer team must be familiar with AS/NZS standards. 

Daelim Belefic has already sold different types of oil-immersed power transformers to Australia, from main substation transformer to mini substation transformer, Daelim transformers are working perfectly in Australia. Our engineer team has good experience with AS/NZS standards, based on Australia local project experience, they will offer a suitable solution for our customers. 

2). Then we should see their production capacity. 

A manufacturer with good workshop, professional production team, complete supply chain, near with shipping port, will make their production time can be fast without any delay. 

Daelim Belefic has 2 work shop, located in JiangSu, China. Near to Shanghai Port, and transformer materials and accessories’s supplier. That’s why we can offer a faster production time than other manufacturers. Click to check Daelim Factory. 

3). Finally, is the manufacturer’s warranty. 

A manufacturer who can give good warranty, means they has confidence with their design, quality, and after sales service. 

No matter in which market, USA, Canada, or Alustralia, Daelim Belefic offer 2 years warranty + local after sales service. Feel no worries to purchase from Daelim. 


In the year of 2022, Daelim Belefic is looking for more opportunities in the Alustralia market, no matter you have direct purchase needs, or looking for a partner to support your transformer business in Alustralia, Daelim would be your best choice! 

Welcome to clict here to share your ideas with Daelim team~ 

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