Mobile Substation Transformers are used for temporary applications where a transformer or entire substation is needed. The transformer is mounted on a trailer and can also include high voltage and low voltage protection, like Breakers & Reclosers.These mobile units usually range from 2.5 MVA to 60 MVA in size, with voltages up to 230kV.

Mobile substation literally is a mobile power supply center,which mainly be used in case of floods,fires,earthquakes and other natural disasters or unexpected incident caused a power outage and in these cases of constructing one permanent outdoor or indoor substations for fulfilment of power supply is not economical. Meanwhile, mobile substation is used when the equipments of the substation are maintained and replaced.

A mobile substation is required where there is lack of space for constructing out door substation during any big construction work when consumption of huge power by construction machines is required.Mobile substations are also used to quick restore of electrical service during an outage caused by a storm or other disaster.This can also provide temporary power service during construction of permanent facilities. It also can be used as altermate power service during regular maintenance of existing equipment.