As a transformer manufacturer with extensive experience, Daelim has completed multiple substation projects in Latin America. Every substation project can reflect Daelim's professional technology and customer service attitude.


For the 69kv series substation, Daelim has completed the rehabilitation and upgrade for many Latin American substations, such as: 


- Kaliti-l 69/13.8KV 5MVA Substation
- Gefersa69/13.8KV 12MVA Substation
- Sabata 69/13.8KV 16MVA Substation
- Cotebie 69/22KV 20MVA Substation
- Kaliti-ll 69/13.8KV 24MVA Substation
- Weregenu 69/13.8KV 30MVA Substation

- ...


We also provided a mobile transformer in Ecuador, which was done in the year of 2014. In this project, we offered the equipments including a set of 69kV transformer, 69kV dead tank circuit breaker, 69kV GW-4 disconnector, 15kV switchgear. So Daelim has ability to satisfy requirements of different projects and different clients and provide the best products and service for all our clients.

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