How to purchase a 2 mva power transformer?

2 mva transformer
2MVA transformer is a kind of power equipment commonly used in distribution lines. 2MVA transformer is a distribution transformer. It can be used in factories, power stations, encrypted mining farms, and other places.

Daelim is a professional transformer manufacturer with a factory located in Jiangsu Province, China. With 16 years of design and export experience. The 2 MVA transformer produced by Daelim can meet the ANSI/IEEE/CSA/AS and American DOE efficiency value standards, and has CSA certification, UL certificate, and can be CSA and UL labeling.

Next, we will introduce more details about 2mva in detail.

1. What is mva rating of transformer?
2. How much does 2 MVA transformer cost?

3. What does mva mean in a transformer?

4. What is a 2 MVA transformer?
5. How do you convert MVA to amps?

1. What is the MVA rating of the transformer?

Megavolt-ampere (MVA) power is primarily a term used to describe and measure the unit of electrical power. We can understand it from another angle to indicate the total number and sum of currents and voltages existing in the total circuit.


Generally, whether in the technical design of engineers or in any electrical scene, if we want to describe the total power of electrical equipment, this term and term is the first choice. This term and definition can professionally display the real power and reactive power in the electrical circuit of the equipment.


Therefore, it is a very common electrical value in electrical equipment, such as a very common transformer. Here is an electrical value that is commonly communicated between the 2mva transformer we discussed and the generator for power generation.


In addition, we can also notice here that the general MVA can be converted with other values. For example, 1MVA is equal to 1000KVA, and 1KVA is approximately equal to 0.85 kilowatts.


Therefore, if we discuss the transformer project separately, the engineering design company or transformer design engineer will first consider the total power consumption or total capacity required by the entire substation equipment, so they will also prepare to design and require generators of the same capacity MW to support use.


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In addition, we can also note that MVA is also a reference base value for calculating the required power consumption for industrial use or residential use in residential areas. So this forms a substation equipment transformer machine generator, and the terminal uses the power capacity matching of the complete power distribution system.


At the same time, because different power supplies or transmission and distribution transformers have different rated MVA powers, engineers or power design institutes will also consider the performance of the transformers, so as to achieve the correct power in the process of power transportation to thousands of households. power matching.


And this can also reduce the power consumption, and ultimately reduce the consumption of electricity used by residential industries. The power is completely designed and effectively controlled, which will ultimately be very effective in preventing accidents and protecting people's property loss and life safety.

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2. How much does a 2 MVA transformer cost?

The cost of a 2mva transformer needs to consider many factors. Transformer engineers need to consider the use of a variety of materials, the amount of each raw material needs to be calculated accurately, what brand of raw materials are needed, and the purchase price corresponding to how much weight needs to be purchased, which requires a good purchasing manager. Coordinating various suppliers and resources, so this is a system that requires the cooperation of multiple professionals with complete resources, and every detail will affect the cost of a transformer from design to procurement and production. Affects consumers' purchasing and budget choices as well as the overall transformer market.


The main factors affecting the cost of the transformer are divided into two parts. One is the main material of the transformer, such as the cost of the oil tank. At present, the oil tank mainly considers two materials, ordinary carbon steel, and stainless steel.

Although carbon steel and stainless steels are different basic materials and building materials, we cannot directly judge or choose to judge which material is stronger and stronger. Because it has a lot to do with the use environment and specific purpose of the material. Each material has different advantages and disadvantages of use.


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These two materials have the same iron composition and peptide composition, so what is the difference between them? The main difference is the content of the alloy degree ratio. So I am here to say that compared to stainless steel, carbon steel is indeed more likely to be corroded and rusted in special extreme weather. However, from another perspective, carbon steel is more wear-resistant than stainless steel, and its hardness is better than that of stainless steel.


Therefore, stainless steel is often used in parts with high activity under this characteristic, such as nuts and bolts for transformers. Under non-extreme transformer usage conditions, we consider using ordinary steel, and it is enough to do maintenance and cleaning in normal times. Of course, if the transformer is used in an extremely cold environment such as a snowy environment in Canada, or in a high-altitude and high-temperature environment in South America, or in an environment with high humidity near the sea in some Pacific island countries, we can consider using a stainless steel fuel tank, but the relative cost will be higher. 20 percent ratio.

This can be communicated directly with the manufacturer.


Another factor that affects the cost of the transformer is the weight of the oil and the brand and model used. The designer will design a fixed oil weight in the design stage. The weight of the oil used in a conventional three-phase box-type transformer of 2MVA is between 1000kg and 1500kg. After determining the weight of the transformer, we can select the type of transformer oil. Generally, we use mineral oil of No. 25 or No. 45, and the cooling method is ONAN. Another kind of higher cost is vegetable oil, or described as natural ester, FR3 oil, and the cooling method is expressed as KNAN.


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2mva transformer

The reason for the high cost of vegetable oil is that in order to achieve higher environmental protection standards, oil suppliers need to use higher oil prices. Intensity of filtration and purification to meet the greener higher index. Generally, in developed countries such as the United States and Canada, customers will specify the use of vegetable oil or FR3 oil.

In addition, with the improvement of China's brand influence and professional production technology, we now use RAPO natural ester most often, which is a domestic brand that meets CAS international certification and meets international standards. Both price and delivery time are more advantageous than FR3.

Of course, what kind of transformer oil is used The customer can directly confirm with the manufacturer.


3. What does mva mean in a transformer?


Now let's assume that there is a 2mva transformer in front of us. We only consider this transformer to be directly connected to a resistive load device. What is a resistive load device is the electrical appliances we use directly in our daily life, such as lamps, air conditioners, hair dryers, electric fans, TV sets, etc.


So here we need to consider that since the load definition here only takes into account the resistive load, in this case, these appliances will only consume active power without reactive power. And if the condition is that as long as it is a load, it must be considered as pure resistance performance, and the fully-loaded load here will not consume or quote any reactive power. If the operating conditions of the electrical appliance all meet this condition, so we need to use KW under this condition, W, or larger MW to evaluate the transformer being used for testing.


So here we make a direct analogy if I want to use a 2MW transformer, then through this transformer, my motor and resistive load equipment can directly obtain 2MW of active power.


2 MVA transformer


But the main transformer parameter or rated capacity value is KVA or MVA description MVA.


In fact, mainly because we don't predict in advance what kind of load device the transformer will be connected to. The load device here can be resistive or capacitive, or even a combination. Therefore, under this condition, the load consumed by the load is no longer active power or reactive power alone but consumes both kinds of power at the same time. This simultaneous consumption is called apparent power. The unit of apparent power is the MVA, KVA, or VA that we are now referring to. VA is not very common. Therefore, we can judge the grade according to the KVA and MVA usage of different transformers.


Taken together, this is what MVA means for transformers. It's not hard to understand.


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4. What is a 2mva transformer?


A 2MVA or 2000 kva transformer is a kind of electrical equipment for power transmission and distribution, mainly used to distribute electrical energy from one power generation circuit to one or more power consumption circuits.


5. How do you convert MVA to amps?


In fact, there is no way for us to directly convert MVA into current, and the current is represented by AMP here. Another basis that can be directly converted is that we should understand that voltage is both the source of current and the value of resistance under full load conditions. This is Ohm's law, and it is also the calculation formula and law that we need to follow.



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