Basic Guide To High Voltage Power Transformers

The high voltage power transformer is used to reduce the high voltage value in order to reduce the safety value. It can be used to isolate equipment and high-power circuits to ensure safety.

High power transformers play an essential part in the distribution and transmission of electricity. Elements including its application, construction, power input, and voltage all play a role in shaping its overarching design. Transformers range from generator transformers to distribution transformers. Their maximum power might be much over a thousand megavolt-amperes. Thus, they can withstand voltages of up to around 1500 kV. Network transformers allow for interaction between systems operating at extremely high voltages. They can produce more than 1000 MVA of power.

high voltage power transformer

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Table of contents
1. What is a high voltage power transformer?
2. How does a high voltage power transformer work?
3. What is the high voltage transformer function?
4. How to make a high voltage transformer?
5. High voltage transformer types
6. What is the difference between Low、Medium and high voltage? 7. What should you know about the maintenance of a high voltage transformer?
8. High voltage step-up transformer
9. High voltage step down transformer
10. High voltage power transformer
11. What are the factors affecting high voltage transformer cost?
12. What does a high-voltage transformer do?
13. High voltage transformer manufacturers

What is a high voltage power transformer?

High voltage power transformers are transformers that operate at high voltage levels. Transmitting current at high voltage levels can not only improve transmission efficiency but also save time and cost; It can also use lighter and thinner cables to reduce the cost of wire construction. There are some differences in the high voltage range under different standards. In general, the high voltage range is 115-230kV. The maximum transmission voltage used in China is 1000kV, and the maximum transmission voltage used in the United States is 500kV.

high tension transformer
High tension transformers are usually used for long-distance transmission of electrical energy. They are also often seen in large substations.

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How does a high voltage power transformer work?

The operation of the high voltage transformer is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The primary winding and secondary winding are wound around the iron core constituting the closed loop. When the primary winding is applied with AC voltage, alternating magnetic flux is generated in the iron core. The alternating magnetic flux induces an electromotive force in the primary and secondary windings because the turns of the primary and secondary windings are different Therefore, the magnitude of the induced electromotive force at the primary and secondary sides is different, thus realizing the purpose of voltage transformation. The more coil turns, the higher the output voltage. Therefore, the volume of the high voltage transformer is larger.

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What is the high voltage transformer function?

high voltage transformer
1. Use high-voltage side sampling to directly obtain current, voltage, and waveform data, which is true and accurate.

2. Over-voltage protection: When the output exceeds the set voltage limit, the high-voltage transformer will stop protection, and the running time is less than 20ms.

3. Overcurrent protection: specially designed for high and low-voltage dual protection environments, precise shutdown protection can be set on the high voltage side; the development of protection will stop if the current on the low-voltage side exceeds the rated current, and the cost of work and study time is less than 20 milliseconds.

4. The booster body is designed with a high-voltage output protection resistor, so there is no need to connect an external protection resistor.

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How to make a high voltage transformer?

1. Make the coil;
2. Make iron core;
3. Combine the coil and iron core together and put them into a drying oven for drying;
4. Assemble the parts of the high-voltage transformer into the transformer oil tank;
5. Vacuumize and inject mineral oil (vegetable oil) into the assembled transformer;
6. Close the fuel tank cap tightly;
7. Carry out factory tests;


High voltage transformer types

high voltage transformer types
The main high-voltage transformers are 69kV class, 110kV class, 132kV class, and 220kV class.

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What is the difference between Low、Medium and high voltage?

The division of high voltage, low voltage, and medium voltage also has slight differences under different standards. Generally speaking, the transformer types are divided according to the voltage grade. The 35-230kv transformer is a high voltage transformer, the voltage less than 1kV is a low voltage transformer, 1-35kV is a medium voltage transformer, 230-1000kv is an extra high voltage transformer, and the voltage greater than or equal to 1000kV is an ultra-high voltage transformer.

Low voltage

Generally speaking, the voltage below 1000V is usually called low voltage electricity. Low voltage power is often used in household power distribution systems. The operation of household appliances and the power supply of lighting rely on low voltage power. Low voltage electricity is also called direct current because it flows through the line in the form of direct current. And because the current flows in only one direction, there is no electromagnetic field around the wire. There are many low-voltage appliances at home, such as TV, toaster, mobile phone, tablet computer, Bluetooth stereos, flashlights, vacuum cleaners, and smoke detectors.

High voltage

Generally speaking, the voltage higher than 35kV and lower than 230kV is called high voltage. High voltage electricity and low voltage electricity are produced in different ways. High voltage electricity is generated by rapidly rotating generators. High voltage electricity is often used for industrial rather than residential use. High voltage electricity is alternating current. It does not move in one direction like direct current but fluctuates back and forth. Therefore, since the electron flow of AC is always fluctuating back and forth, AC can generate electromagnetic fields around it.


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Medium voltage

The voltage between high voltage and low voltage is called medium voltage, which generally refers to the voltage of 1000v-35kv. Medium voltage transformers are often used in factories and construction sites, which can meet most of the power demand.


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In summary

High voltage electricity and low voltage electricity have two different working modes. If they are not handled properly, they may cause fatal injury. Therefore, if you are not sure whether you need to use high-voltage electricity or low-voltage electricity, it is best to consult professionals for specific problems. They know how to use electricity safely.

What should you know about the maintenance of a high voltage transformer?

high voltage transformer maintenance
1)The outer coating of a high voltage transformer can resist the damage of the external environment, such as the corrosion of strong wind, rain, hail, and snow, as well as the corrosion of various pollutants and sediments.
2)The high voltage transformer shall be regularly cleaned and maintained by professionals to avoid failure and affect normal use.
3) The radiator tube of a high voltage transformer is easily damaged by external factors, so great attention should be paid to the maintenance and repair of the radiator tube.
4)If you want to clean the inside of the high voltage transformer, it is best to ask professional cleaning personnel. Of course, if employees have this experience, they can also carry out internal cleaning.
5) If the high voltage transformer is worn, it may need to be stopped for a period of time and maintained and repaired before it can be restored to its original high-performance state.

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High voltage step-up transformer

The step-up transformer increases the voltage transmission from the primary winding to the secondary winding, thereby increasing the output voltage of the circuit. The high voltage step-up transformer does not change the power, but only the voltage. A high voltage step-up transformer is usually a three phase transformer, which is widely used. High voltage step up transformers are rarely used in household systems. They are generally used in large industrial areas such as power plants.

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High voltage step down transformer

The pressure reducer plays an irreplaceable role in the distribution system. The power generated by the power plant first needs to be boosted through the step up transformer to facilitate power transmission. After the power is transmitted to the substation in the power consumption area, the step-down transformer is required to reduce the voltage to meet the power demand of users in the residential area. In fact, when the power is delivered to the power consumption area, it will go through multiple depressurizations to meet the power consumption requirements of users. In this process, it is necessary to use the step-down transformer many times to achieve the purpose.

High voltage power transformer

The power transformer is a kind of transformer, which is mainly used to transmit electric energy between the main distribution circuit and the generator. This kind of transformer plays the role of connecting step-down and step-up in the distribution network. Power transformers are generally oil-immersed transformers, which have a longer service life than ordinary transformers and can be used for 30 years or more. The power transformer can be divided into three types: small power transformer, medium power transformer, and large power transformer.

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What are the factors affecting high voltage transformer cost?

There are many factors that affect the cost of high voltage transformer, among which copper wire or aluminum wire is an important factor to determine the price of a high voltage transformer. Here are some factors that affect the price of transformers.
1)Standard wire: copper wire or aluminum wire can be used. Compared with aluminum wire, copper wire has long conductivity, safety, and service life. Therefore, copper wire will be more expensive than aluminum wire. Generally, there are two kinds of transformers: copper wire transformers and aluminum wire transformers. The price of a copper wire transformer is more expensive.
2)Production: winding insulated wire is very meticulous work, which requires great care to avoid damage. The coil must be manufactured manually to ensure the quality of the transformer.
3) Insulating tape: insulating tape is used for the winding of the transformer, which is for fixation and insulation.
4)Large diameter: the larger the wire diameter, the higher the cost.

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What does a high-voltage transformer do?

The transformer mainly performs voltage conversion, and the high-voltage transformer usually converts the voltage into a voltage higher than 60kV. This reduces the loss of electric energy during transmission.

High voltage transformer manufacturers

Because high voltage transformers have high requirements for technology, environment, equipment, and qualification, in general, high voltage transformer manufacturers are far less than low voltage transformer manufacturers. Beijing Daelim is a professional transformer manufacturer in China, with rich experience in the production and sales of high voltage transformers. Our market is mainly in North America and South America, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Chile, Peru, and other countries. We can produce various types of transformers according to IEEE/ANSI/DOE/CSA/AS and other international standards. The excellent quality and professional and efficient service level of the transformer have won extensive praise and long-term cooperation from customers. Welcome new and old overseas customers to order our transformers, which will certainly give you a good shopping experience and the best power transformers.

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