How Do I Choose A 1500kva Transformer In 2022?

Daelim Transformer has 16 years of transformer export experience and is one of the professional transformer factories in China.

Daelim Transformer's professional engineer team and sales engineer team are the most important components of Daelim Belefic.

Daelim Transformer can customize step-up transformers and step-down transformers for customers according to the actual needs of users. Daelim has done many transformer projects in North and South America, you can click to view Daelim's international projects.


How Many Types Of 1500kva Transformer Are There?
Is the 1500KVA Pad Mounted Transformer Oil Filled?
Does 1500kva Pad Mounted Transformer Increase Power?
Is the 1500kva Pad Mounted Transformer a core transformer or a shell transformer?
What Is A Transformer Used For?
Can A 1500kva Pad Mounted Transformer Be Applied For Bitcoin Mining?
How About The Specification Of 1500kva Pad Mounted Transformer?
How About The Difference Between Three-phase And Single-phase Transformers?
Is It Dangerous To Install The 1500KVA Pad Mounted Transformer In A Residential Area?

How Many Types Of Transformer Are There?

There are a variety of 1500kva transformers on the market to meet the various needs of customers.

The 1500kva transformer produced by Daelim includes both dry type transformer and oil-immersed transformer.

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Among them, 1500kva oil-immersed transformer has 1500kva distribution transformer that conforms to IEC standard, 1500kva pad mounted transformer conforming to ANSI/IEEE standard, and pad-mounted transformer conforming to CSA standard.

In addition to the above-mentioned IEC standards, CSA standards, and ANSI/IEEE standard standards, Daelim Transformer, a professional Chinese transformer manufacturer, can also design and produce 1500kva transformers in accordance with Goose standards applicable to Russia and AS/NZ standards applicable to Australia and New Zealand.

So, how to choose a suitable transformer? Read this article to help you to buy a suitable 1500kva transformer.

Is the 1500KVA Pad Mounted Transformer Oil Filled?

The 1500kva pad-mounted transformer designed and produced by Daelim Transformer according to ANSI/IEEE Standard and CSA Standard is an oil immersed transformer.

1500kva pad mounted transformer needs to be filled with oil according to customer requirements, and the oil-filled is insulating oil.


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Insulating oil can be divided into mineral oil and vegetable oil according to the type of oil. Vegetable oil also has other names such as natural fat oil, but the products are the same.

Daelim Transformer's mineral oil supplier is petro brand, and vegetable oil is usually FR3 oil from US supplier Cargill.
Sometimes depending on the application area of the transformer, the sales engineer of Daelim Transformer will also choose the insulating oil that is local and local for the customer.

For example, the cold climate of North America requires the use of #45 mineral oil; while the climate of South America is hot, the use of #25 mineral oil is sufficient.
For more information, read Daelim Transformer's blog about transformer insulating oils, hope will be helpful for you!

What is the difference between mineral oil and vegetable oil?

Does 1500kva Pad Mounted Transformer Increase Power?

The 1500kva Pad Mounted Transformer is a distribution transformer, which can adjust the voltage according to the user's needs.
That is to say, Daelim Transformer can be made into step-up transformer and step-down transformer according to the needs of customers.

The voltage value at which the primary voltage of the step-up transformer is lower than the secondary voltage.
The voltage value at which the primary voltage of the step-down transformer is higher than the secondary voltage.


Is the 1500kva Pad Mounted Transformer a core transformer or a shell transformer?


Transformers are divided into core-type transformers and shell-type transformers according to the different arrangements of the iron core in the windings.
The common connection method of pad mounted transformer is YNyn0, which is a three-phase five-column structure and a typical structure of a core-type transformer.


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This structure is also called "winding-wrapped iron core".
The shell-type transformer structure is different.
Shell-type transformers consist of a central leg and two branch legs.
All the windings are on the central core leg, and the two branch core legs surround the outer side of the winding, like a "shell".
This structure is also called "core-wrapped winding".
The insulation of core-type transformers is easier to handle than shell-type transformers.
Daelim Transformer's 1500kva pad mounted transformer adopts a core structure and is a core type transformer.


What Is A Transformer Used For?


The transformer is important electrical equipment in the power supply system, so it has a wide range of applications and types.
The most common is the power system transformer, also called the power transformer. It is the most common transformer found in the factory of transformer manufacturers.

For example, the 1500kva distribution transformer we mentioned at the beginning which always be required by the Daelim African and Asian utilities.
1500kva three-phase pad mounted transformer that will be required by the end-user(include hotel, school, park, personal) from Canada or USA.
There are also mining changes, grounding changes, and so on.

With the rise of bitcoin mining in North America, there are more and more cases of pad mounted transformer and substation transformer as bitcoin mining changes.
Daelim has exported hundreds of 1500kva pad mounted transformers to bitcoin mining in North America.

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Can A 1500kva Pad Mounted Transformer Be Applied For Bitcoin Mining?

Sure, 1500kva pad mounted transformer is often used as a mining variant of bitcoin mines.
Because the transformer is a customized product, Daelim's technical engineers can design and produce it for Bitcoin mine users according to the electricity demand of the Bitcoin mine.

However, based on the experience of exporting hundreds of pad mounted transformers, Daelim's technical engineers and sales engineers have summed up some rules of bitcoin mining.

Below we will elaborate on the three key factors of capacity, high voltage and low voltage bitcoin mining.
Capacity: The capacity demand for Bitcoin mining changes ranges from 750kva to 4000kva, and 1500kva is the commonly used capacity.
But in addition to 1500kva, there are 1000kva, 1250kva, 1700kva, 2000kva, 2500kva, 2550kva, 2600kva, 2700kva, 3000kva, 37500kva and so on.
High Voltage: The commonly used high voltages for Bitcoin mining include 4.16KV, 12.47KV, 13.8KV, 24.94KV, 34.5KV, etc.
Low Voltage: The commonly used low voltages for Bitcoin mining are 415/240V and 480/277V.
The use of these two low voltages indicates that the connection group of the low voltage must be Wye, that is to say, the connection group of the transformer is either Dyn1 or YNyn0.

How to Choose the Best Pad Mounted Transformer for a Crypto Mining Project?


How About The Specification Of 1500kva Pad Mounted Transformer?


The 1500kva pad mounted transformer is a customized product, and Daelim can make different configurations according to customer requirements.
But the general configuration is basically the same.
Conventional configurations usually include
High voltage bushings (loop feed is 6, radial feed is 3)
Low-pressure bushings (usually 4)
Three gauges and one valve (pressure vacuum gauge, oil level gauge, oil temperature gauge and pressure relief valve)
Two fuse system (Bayonet fuse+ELSP fuse)
Tap changer
Aluminum winding
Mild steel tank

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How About The Difference Between Three-phase And Single-phase Transformers?

Transformers are divided into single-phase transformers and three-phase transformers according to the number of phases. What are their main differences?

1. Different definitions

Single-phase transformer: The transformer uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage. The main components are the primary coil, the secondary coil and the iron core (magnetic core). In electrical equipment and wireless circuits, it is often used for voltage rise and fall, impedance matching, safety isolation, etc.
Three-phase transformer has three independent windings, through different connection methods (such as: star, delta), make it input three-phase AC power supply, and its output is also the same, this is a three-phase transformer.

2. Different applications

Single-phase transformer: suitable for application and promotion in low-voltage distribution networks with small load density.
Three-phase transformer: which is mainly used for the middle and high voltage application.


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3. Different characteristics

Single-phase transformer: Single-phase transformer has simple structure, small volume, low loss, mainly small iron loss.
Three-phase transformer: Compare with the single-phase transformer, the structure of three phase transformer will be more complex.
What we talked about is the connection type, like Dyn1 and YNyn0 are for three-phase transformers.
It can be judged from this that the transformer of 1500kva is usually a three-phase transformer.


Is It Dangerous To Install The 1500KVA Pad Mounted Transformer In A Residential Area?

The 1500KVA Pad Mounted Transformer we saw in a residential area was a green box with no internal structure visible.
As mentioned above, the 1500KVA Pad Mounted Transformer is a kind of oil-immersed transformer.
This transformer is flammable and is mainly arranged outdoors.

But don't worry, the transformer is designed with safety factors in mind. Ordinary people can ensure safety as long as they do not touch the transformer.
Transformers are generally operated by professional electricians.

When operating, it should also be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the safety signs on the transformer.
In the event of a fire, people should stand at a distance of more than two meters from the transformer, and use dry sand or carbon dioxide, 1211, dry powder fire extinguisher and other materials or equipment to extinguish the flame.

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Daelim Team has professional installation team in North America to support you.

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